Twin Tales

A Wild Celebration for Lucas and Leia

Terence Siew and Chermaine Pang’s twins had their first birthday packed with roaring laughter.

A Wild Celebration for Lucas and Leia

The animals of the wild came to visit The St. Regis Singapore’s Caroline Mansion when Terence Siew and Chermaine Pang celebrated the first birthday of their twins, Lucas and Leia, earlier this month on the 9th of June. Mummy had the wild adventure all planned out, and she dressed her part in a Balmain safari suit while Daddy wore his jungle themed Dolce & Gabbana. And the guests were happy to join in the fun, with Grace Wong in her snake-skin pantsuit and Serene Chua in her leopard print dress, all ready to hiss and roar.

Chan Kok Weng, Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Leia Siew, Chermaine Pang and Elaine Lim-Chan
(clockwise from left) Kyoko Abe, Audrey Mico, Tonya Tan, Tan Khar Nai, Chermaine Pang, Jacelyn Lai, Stephanie Yong, Dawn Yip and Grace Wong
(clockwise from top left) Terence Siew, Roy Fong, Chermaine Pang, Lucas Siew, Marc Fong and Leia Siew
Belinda Chua, Tan Khar Nai, Frances Low, Jun Low and Nina Ng
Fanty Soenardy, Terence Siew, Leia Siew, Lucas Siew, Chermaine Pang and Peggy Jeffs
Terence Siew, Leia Siew, Chermaine Pang, Lucas Siew, Calista Boo, Inge Sari Restu and Arael Boo

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