Making A Splash

Angelica Cheng Celebrates Her 10th Birthday With A Big Bash

The party was planned by her doting mother Christine Yeh.

Angelica Cheng Celebrates Her 10th Birthday With A Big Bash

Angelica Cheng, granddaughter of high society stalwart Grace Yeh, had all her friends dancing with dolphins at Resorts World Sentosa’s Dolphin Island for her 10th birthday. Mummy Christine Yeh invited over 40 of Angelica’s friends and cousins to play with dolphins on this advance celebration on 16 June. The birthday party ended with a buffet of children’s favourites including sliders and desserts galore in the ballroom of the Equarius Hotel, which was decorated with balloons and set with game stations and claw machines. Two dolphin-shaped cakes were customised for Angelica and proud grandma Grace Yeh joined her family for the cake-cutting ceremony. At the end of the day, the little ones each had a customised travel bag with their names on it, all packed with candies!

(Clockwise from top left) Timber Yeh, Oscar Yeh, Catherine Yeh, Christine Yeh, Wei Ning Chao, Abby Yeh, Angelica Cheng, Grace Yeh, and Justin Yeh
Christine Yeh, Angelica Cheng and Chun Mei Chang
Angelica Cheng and Grace Yeh
Catherine Yeh, Justin Yeh and Timber Yeh
Christine Yeh, Daphne Lin, Simone Chen and Stacey Smith
(Back row, from left) Hui Ling Tan, Sharm SK, Shirley Tan, Winna Lim, Angelica Cheng, Christine Yeh, Yun Yi Su, Feng Zhi Yin and Feng Zhong (Front row, from left) Ernest Ng, Cherish Ng, Jainen Sathesh, Leia Poon, Gloria Yang and Wayne Yang
Angelica Cheng
Jean Ang, Abby Yeh, Wei Ning Chao, RWS Trainer, Nina Eyre, Angelica Cheng and Justin Yeh
Daphne Lin
Dylan Pospisek, Joy Chiang and Mark Pospisek
Clare Measures, Noah Measures and Hector Measures
Lara Herinckx, Darcie Howard, Carys Ranft, Aadiya Marwah and Connie Platts
Choon Kiat Ng, Cherish Ng, Wayne Yang and Ernest Ng
Matthew O’Brien, Noah Hopkins and Mark O’Brien
(Back row, from left) Brian Zhu, Stacey Smith, Saffron Smith (Front row, from left) Alex Zhu, Kai Smith, Tia Forsyth and Kianna Scott
William Dewberry and Alex Dewberry
(Back row, from left) Darcey Hourican, Cerlina Lim, Cate McConnell and Charmane Yeo (Front row, from left) RB, Mia Bell and Bryony Hourican
(Back row, from left) Simone Chen, Claire Palmer, Hayah Ahad and Josephine Lee (Front row, from left) Emily Palmer, Zoe Shie, Chloe O’Brien and Olivia Lee
RWS Trainer, Pavel Pospisek, Ray Pospisek, Yun Yi Su, Feng Zhong, Feng Zhi Yin, Oscar Yeh, Timber Yeh and Catherine Yeh
Sharm SK, Leia Poon, Aaden Poon, Jainen Sathesh, Emilie Poon, Shirley Tan and RWS Trainer
(From left) Kai Smith, Alex Zhu, Noah Hopkins, Mark O’Brien, Matthew O’Brien, Josephine Lee, Emily Palmer, Hayah Ahad, Aadiya Marwah, Connie Platts, RB, Olivia Lee, Angelica Cheng, Zoe Shie, Nina Eyre, Cate McConnell, Darcie Howard, Cherish Ng, Abby Yeh, Darcey Hourican, Mia Bell, Justin Yeh, Oscar Yeh, Bryony Hourican, Emilie Poon, Elizabeth Lu, Carys Ranft, Leia Poon, Wayne Yang, Aaden Poon, Gloria Yang, Ernest Ng, Claire Measures, Mark Pospisek, Alex Dewberry, William Dewberry, Hector Measures, Joy Chiang, Kianna Scott, Tia Forsyth and Saffron Smith

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