What Does It Mean To Be A Visionary?

We speak to five people whose foresight just might help Singapore — and the world — become a better place.

What Does It Mean To Be A Visionary?

Anchor Image: Harpreet Bedi, Tracy Woon, Nicholas Fang, Roland Wee, and Rosaline Chow.

We’re not going to oversell you; the future is not going to be perfect. We’re staring down the barrel at record levels of pollution, rising healthcare costs, and clear social and gender inequality. No #fakenews here, unfortunately. But it can all get better — with a little help from those with a strong vision of better tomorrows.

In our latest community series, we shortlist five visionaries who we think might just help to make the future a little brighter than the present. From Harpreet Bedi and Tracy Woon’s work to empower women, to Roland Wee’s push to replace single-use plastics with truly biodegradable alternatives, we kick off the 2020s on a positive note.

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This story first appeared in the January/February issue of A Magazine.

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