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Hotel? Sustainable.

Bee+Hive is a new booking platform for socially-conscious getaways.

Hotel? Sustainable.

For every 100 dollars spent while you’re on holiday, only 5 dollars remain in the host country, so says the World Tourism Organisation. It’s not hard to see why tourists might be regarded in some parts of the world as uncaring or boorish, even if they’re perfectly well-behaved—simply because their presence is sometimes taxing to the local populace. But socially-conscious operators aren’t always easy to find, either. 

Sweden’s Treehotel is one of several members that Bee+Hive offers experiences with on its booking platform

That’s where Bee+Hive comes in. It’s a non-profit platform that helps connect woke travellers with businesses and properties that are making a positive difference around the world. 

The site, which launches this month, categorises the experiences it offers into three types: natural, cultural, and economic. Each one provides a list of member properties that offer sustainable experiences in each realm. From whale watching, tours of the Atlantic forest or ice fishing in Sweden, Bee+Hive ensures that whatever tour you end up taking is one that also positively impacts its host country.

And since the site is a non-profit, even its booking revenues go back to local communities, creating a cycle that supports the country’s people, economy, and environment. 

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