Rent entire castles, islands and lodges with Airbnb Luxe

Live it up like a local baron or count.

Rent entire castles, islands and lodges with Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb used to be synonymous with inflatable beds and dodgy hosts. Now, the popular accommodation platform wants to cater to the 1 percent—but instead of shared rooms in a suburban walkup, Airbnb Luxe offers travellers anything from entire islands to sprawling Renaissance villas in the Tuscan hills.

The new service boasts a decadent catalogue of over 2,000 stunning rentals worldwide, with some of the properties being, quite literally, destinations in themselves. See also: Nukutepipi, a private atoll in the French Polynesia that’s owned by the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. The island sleeps up to 52 guests and comes as many staff members.

Listings on Airbnb Luxe average around $2,000 a night, though the price is not inclusive of the extras—think trips through a private vineyard, island hopping, or personal skiing lessons in the Swiss Alps.

To add to the mystique, Airbnb says that many of the homes on its new platform belong to ultra-wealthy billionaires and celebs—not that the tight-lipped staff would ever disclose who exactly.

The service even comes with its own dedicated trip designer to craft your dream getaway should you need one. But where’s the fun in that? Not knowing what you’re going to do is half the fun.

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