Shaun Khoo Lets You Know How Much Difference Your Donation Can Make

And it’s all done through his new app, Advo.

Shaun Khoo Lets You Know How Much Difference Your Donation Can Make
Shaun Khoo

Through crowdfunding app Advo, you can help underprivileged kids in Southeast Asia receive an education. Apart from choosing who to donate to, you can also keep track of the academic progress and activities of your sponsored child.

Shaun Khoo, who does business development for Advo, was roped in by his ex-schoolmates from Anglo Chinese School (Independent) (ACS) — Bryan Wong, senior associate at Drew & Napier, and Mark Sng, Go-Ventures’ head of Singapore coverage. Part of the Forbes-listed Khoo family, he graduated from London’s Cass Business School with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management, and works as a hedge fund analyst at Vantage Point Asset Management.

Advo chose Vietnam for its beta launch partly because the founders were inspired by a former Vietnamese schoolmate. He had travelled from a rural province in central Vietnam to Da Nang to sit for the Asean scholarship examinations before being admitted to ACS. He went on to attend Harvard Business School and secured a high-flying career at a leading bulge bracket investment bank. Khoo, 26, offers: “Advo aims to bridge the education financing gap across Southeast Asia and impact students who may otherwise be unable to attend school and university.”

“It also personalises the giving experience for donors by fostering engagement with students. Through social media posts, you get to see regular updates on the students’ progress, thus increasing transparency and accountability to donations.”

And it doesn’t have to be academic; it can be anything he’s learning and enjoying as a result of the funding, for instance, a child who proudly posts to announce his score at a soccer match. Advo’s programmes are highly dynamic.

Last November, a pilot test was conducted with Newton Grammar School and Alpha School in Hanoi. To encourage students to become go-getters and to start building their portfolios, they are given opportunities to earn activity badges that can help build their profiles and to win prizes through a reward system.

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This story first appeared in the December 2019 issue of A.

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