A Ball Of A Time

The 18th Annual Wild Rice Ball

With the bicentennial anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore happening this year, Wild Rice celebrated our heritage along with those of global cultures.

The 18th Annual Wild Rice Ball

Who would have guessed that Sang Nila Utama’s life story might have started with a different spin from what we learned in Social Studies? And the new Singaporean story, where various cultures including those of new citizens, will have to blend better than rojak within our tightly spaced HDB estates? The 18th Annual Wild Rice Ball on the 4th of October this year continued to entertain, provoke and inspire with short musicals of Singapore past and present being staged. The ball was, as usual, held at the Island Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, and was themed “Making History”. Each table also had a different sub-theme and nationality to dress up as, with guests all coming up with their unique take on “Making History”. As Founding Artistic Director Ivan Heng circled the ballroom in his spectacular suit-gown, many of his society supporters came round to take photos with him. A total of $796,500 was raised on this wild evening for Wild Rice.

Andy Grant and June Wee-Grant
Grace Sumojoki and Maria See
Heather Siow and Anthony Yong
Ivan Heng
“We Live in Singapura” took on a life of its own from a familiar tune
Sang Nila Utama bought his island from a real estate agent
Where the past and present came together
Co-Artistic Director Glen Goei addressed the guests
Han Seng Juan and Susanna Han
Kingsley Sok and Joni Lim
John Friedman, Andrea Friedman and Tony Trickett
Antonia Hui and Leonardo Drago
Finian Tan and Fiona Tan
Lai Yong Lawrence
Grace Wong and Sharel Ho
Stephanie Yong, Jacelyn Lai, Dolly Cheong, Angela Loh, Paolo Costagli and Bernard Cheong
Harris Zaidi, Candice Leong and Terry Tan
The entertainment went on late into the night

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