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The Agenda: New Sneakers From Gucci, IWC’s New Celeb-charity Campaign, And Other Things You Need To Know

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The Agenda: New Sneakers From Gucci, IWC’s New Celeb-charity Campaign, And Other Things You Need To Know

01 | Gucci’s new Tennis 1977 sneaker is the perfect summer go-to

Alessandro Michele revives an original retro tennis sneaker from Gucci’s storied archives with the new Gucci Tennis 1977. The sneaker comes in canvas in both basic colours and a variety of distinctive prints. For a classic look, go with the plain butter sneakers, which come in a distressed tweed fabric with iconic green trim. 

If you want a more striking fit for your feet, then you might enjoy the cotton piquet versions, which feature the GG motif: we like the women’s pair that has a playful Apple GG print on ecru.

For more information, visit their site here.

02 | Sulwhasoo launches the 5th generation of its iconic First Care Activating Serum 

Now’s the perfect time to practice some self-care, and what better way than with Sulwhasoo’s signature anti-ageing serum? Ancient medicinal skin ageing theories meets dermatological science in the First Care Activating Serum, which contains the brand’s trademarked JAUM Activator formula — its the secret to helping to revitalise the epidermis and promote the regeneration and firming of skin tissue. 

Translation? This lightweight, golden-amber serum — which also happens to be Sulwhasoo’s global bestseller — promises to give you that oh-so-desirable Korean glass skin. 

For more information, visit their site here.

03 | IWC’s new ‘Time Well Shared’ campaign gives back to Save The Children

Encompassing online lectures, speeches and webinars, IWC’s new campaign looks to entertain and support people in these difficult times. Each video from their Time Well Shared initiative — which you can watch on their Instagram — will be accompanied by a button where viewers can make a voluntary donation to Save the Children, an international organisation that aims to help children and families in countries hardest hit by the virus.

American quarterback Tom Brady headlined the first episode, while future contributors will include David Coulthard, Fabian Cancellara, Maro Engel, partners such as Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1, Tottenham Hotspur, and other members of the IWC family. 

For more information, visit their Instagram page here.

04 | Burberry introduces new designs for its TB and Lola bags

Fresh designs are afoot for two of Burberry’s newest styles, the TB and Lola bags. The elegant TB bag gets a fresh look with new colour and materials this season: continuing the animal theme from the runway, the new jacquard-woven TB bag features prints like this hypnotic monochrome graphic of a deer, and one inspired by an antique illustration of a monkey troop playing in the trees.

Meanwhile, the new designs for the Lola bum bag are a little more pared back. Crafted from intricately latticed leather, each uncomplicated design is punctuated with the Thomas Burberry Monogram, letting its exceptional construction speak for itself.

For more information, visit their site here.

05 | Stay hydrated with Ruhens’ pretty new water purifiers

Have you had your eight glasses a day yet? With the Ruhens V Water Purifier sitting on your countertop, you’ll surely remember to have your fill. The two brand-new editions — which are Singapore-only exclusives — come in a very chic bubblegum and marshmallow pink, and will look right at home in any modern kitchen. 

And because it doesn’t have a tank, the purifier not only takes up less space, but also removes concerns about bacteria buildup. The Ruhens V also comes with an automated sterilisation feature which cleans the filter automatically with a UV lamp. 

For more information, visit their site here.

(Image: Ruhens)

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