Battle Of The Bulge

The Skinny On The Latest Body Sculpting Technologies

How to remove stubborn fat that persists even with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.

The Skinny On The Latest Body Sculpting Technologies

Summer may be over, but the quest for a toned body has no time restriction — especially not in sunny Singapore. And let’s face it; while health and fitness are admittedly far more important metrics when it comes to our bodily wellbeing, there are few that would say no to a svelte silhouette.

And after all, there are many of us that have our healthy diet and weekly exercise routines down pat, but still have a few unwelcome lumps and bumps that we would like to get rid of.

That is why we have embarked on a quest to find the latest in body-sculpting technologies to help battle the bulge.

Here, we tap on Dr Low Chai Ling of SW1 clinic for some expert help in answering our fat-burning questions.

Dr Low Chai Ling

I would like a more svelte figure. What are the latest body-sculpting treatments that can help me do that?

To help our patients achieve a slim and toned body, we have a few aesthetic hacks that truly work.

Firstly, to target stubborn pockets of fat, we have Coolshape. It is a great non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and can help to greatly reduce the amount of fat in treated areas.

To tighten sagging skin, Onda Body Magic works really well. On top of that, Onda can also smoothen the dimply appearance of cellulite skin. In fact, it is perhaps the only body treatment that is effective in treating cellulite.

Finally, for those who lament that they have poor muscle tone (aka cannot see their six-pack or possess a less-than-perky derriere), a few sessions of Magnetic Muscle Sculpting can do wonders to help you attain a more toned and sculpted body.

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What are the advantages of each of these technologies? And how does each one work?

Coolshape uses the principle of cryolipolysis, which means using cold energy to break down fat cells. It is safe and comfortable and patients see quick and effective trimming of their fatty areas — up to 20 percent per session. Best results are achieved with three to five sessions, spaced a month apart.

Onda uses special microwaves that work on specific layers of the body — it can help to reduce some amount of fat as well, though it really excels in tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. A series of six to eight sessions will give you progressive improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Finally, Magnetic Muscle Sculpting is the latest body toning machine that is taking the world by storm. Different from traditional muscle stimulators that use electric current with limited effects, this treatment safely utilizes magnetic waves to stimulate effective muscle contractions that simulate tens of thousands of reps of actual exercises. This allows one to sculpt and tone specific parts of their body.

Will doing these treatments mean that I can skip the gym and eat whatever I want?

We always maintain that the first step to looking good and feeling great is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet. Without this as your foundation, any treatments you do will not yield the results you want, or at most give you short-lived benefits. It is only when combined with a healthy lifestyle that you will be able to see treatment results in the fastest time possible and maintain them for as long as possible.

Of course, there are many of our patients who have a healthy and balanced diet and a good exercise regime but who still complain of pockets of stubborn fat hanging off their bodies. This becomes commonplace with age as pockets of stubborn fat may hang around despite our best efforts. Add in the decrease in muscle tone and poor skin quality leading to sagging skin that comes with ageing, and it’s no wonder that a svelte figure may seem like an impossible dream. Fortunately, aesthetic treatments can help with all of that.

A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise routine are foundational to having a toned body.

What kinds of results can I expect from these treatments?

Progressive improvements can be seen from the very first session, though several sessions may be needed. The exact number of sessions will, of course, depend on the severity of your condition and your desired endpoint. Your current lifestyle and diet will also determine how many sessions you need.

We often recommend our patients to combine multiple treatments as they see better results that way. By treating not just the fat but also the skin as well as the muscle tone, you will be able to attain synergistic results that are greater than the sum of its parts.

If I have a significant amount of weight to lose, will these treatments help me do that?

Some of our patients with a significant amount of weight to lose may choose to embark on both a weight loss program as well as do body sculpting treatments concurrently to attain results in the shortest possible time. This is especially the case for brides where time may be of the essence.

SW1 Clinic Paragon

I don’t have much time to spare. Will these treatments take a long time to complete?

Coolshape takes 60 minutes per session, while Onda Body Magic and Magnetic Muscle Sculpting are speedier, at about 30 min per session.

Will these treatments allow me to change the shape of my body? (E.g. Pear shape or rectangle into an hourglass.)

In some cases, if your body shape is a result of fat deposits, we are able to alter your overall silhouette to some extent. However, if your shape is a result of your body’s bone structure and overall frame, then little can be done. This does vary from patient to patient.

Do any of these treatments hurt?

Most patients find these treatments very comfortable.

The great thing about all these treatments is that they can be tailored to your liking with settings that range from low to high, thereby allowing us to customize them to each patient. Most of our patients are able to read magazines and watch movies while having treatments done, attesting to their high comfort levels.

For more information about SW1’s body sculpting treatments, visit the website, or head to the clinic at #13-03 Paragon [Tel: 6817 8888].

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