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This Charity Cookbook Will Teach You Signature Dishes From Odette, Candlenut, And Other Top Restos

The Dine In Movement Cookbook features 36 recipes from celebrated chefs and restaurants across Singapore, with all proceeds going to charity.

This Charity Cookbook Will Teach You Signature Dishes From Odette, Candlenut, And Other Top Restos
Don Ho

If you’ve been brushing up your home cooking skills over the circuit breaker, here’s something that you’ll love: a star-studded celeb-chef cookbook featuring some of Singapore’s most recognisable dishes and names. Think Odette’s Michelin-starred Pâte de Pomme de Terre, Chicken Crackling & Trout Roe from Artichoke’s Bjorn Shen, and a bevy of other recipes from the likes of Candlenut, Atlas, and Le Bon Funk.

The cherry on top is the fact that all proceeds from the 36-recipe cookbook will go to charity. More specifically,  sales will go to Willing Hearts, Singapore’s volunteer-run soup kitchen and charity that serves some 5,000 meals each day. 

The Dine-In Movement Cookbook contains 36 recipes from some of Singapore’s top bars and restaurants.
(Image: The Dine-In Movement)

To get a copy of the digital cookbook, visit the campaign’s Give Asia page here. Donate $25 and you’ll receive an email acknowledging your contribution, along with a download link — of course, you’re always welcome to give more if you wish.

Developed over the course of the circuit breaker, the Dine In Movement Cookbook wants to make restaurant-style recipes more accessible to home cooks. 

You can even try your hand at making Odette’s famous entree.
(Image: Odette)

But beyond bringing a slice of pro-cooking to people’s homes, the Dine In Movement — a coalition formed by The Dandy Collection, Lo & Behold Group, Don Ho, Unlisted Collection and Como Group — wants to give back to the community in the best way they know how.

“As restaurateurs, we chose Willing Hearts because they have a mission that lies close to our hearts – feeding others and extending hospitality as a source of comfort and hope,” says the movement’s founders. 

“We hope these recipes bring you memorable, delicious moments of joy shared with your favourite people.”

To purchase the cookbook, visit their campaign page here.

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