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Jewels That Will Steal Your Heart At The Upcoming Tiancheng International Auction

With coloured gemstones, diamonds and jadeite, this is a sale not to be missed by discerning collectors.

Jewels That Will Steal Your Heart At The Upcoming Tiancheng International Auction
Image: Tiancheng International

Spring auction season may be drawing to a close, but thankfully, not without some uplifting exuberance. Taking place on 1 June 2021 in Hong Kong, the much-anticipated Tiancheng International Jewellery and Jadeite Spring Auction showcases an array of coveted gemstones, diamonds and jadeite pieces that burst with colour and celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Exemplary specimens — including a necklace with 67.83 carats of unheated Burmese rubies and a 1.03-carat natural fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring hailing from the Argyle Diamond Mine — abound in the 138 Lot-sale, but what truly makes this auction appealing is how infinitely expressive yet wearable much of the pieces are.

Connie Huang, Managing Director and Head of Jewellery Department of Tiancheng International, shares more: “This spring, we are thrilled to present to our collectors an auction brimming with vigour and exuberance. Whether they are rare gemstones bursting with colours, high calibre jadeite flaunting the gifts of Mother Nature, or one-of-a-kind pieces from acclaimed jewellers and designers, every lot has been handpicked by Tiancheng International’s team of specialists.”

Lot 96 — 67.83-Carat Natural Unheated Burmese Ruby and Diamond Necklace; Diamonds together weighing 58.13 carats

Estimate: HK$ 2,400,000 – 3,400,000/US$ 308,000 – 436,000
Image: Tiancheng International

Leading the sale is a necklace with fiery natural unheated Burmese rubies juxtaposed against scintillating diamonds. Its 60 rubies, totalling 67.83 carats, are extraordinarily vivid and exceedingly rare; some of which have been certified by the GemResearch Swisslab and Gübelin Gem Lab as displaying the coveted “pigeon’s blood” hue. Together with incandescent diamonds of myriad shapes, totalling 58.13 carats, the stones are arranged into an elegant silhouette that exudes sophistication and savoir-faire.

Lot 138 — 1.03-Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink VS1 Clarity Diamond Ring; Other diamonds together weighing 4.18 carats

Estimate: HK$ 3,500,000 – 5,500,000/US$ 450,000 – 705,000
Image: Tiancheng International

Another rare highlight is a 1.03-carat natural fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring hailing from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, known for the unrivalled colour saturation of its pink diamonds. The closure of the mine last year — making the supply of Argyle pink diamonds finite — makes this stone even more covetable. Possessing a captivating hue characteristic of its origin, the Argyle pink diamond is circled by eight pear-shaped white diamonds resembling a flower immortalising the transience of a springtime blossom.

Lot 71 — 7.38-Carat Natural Untreated Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring

Estimate: HK$ 1,450,000 – 2,450,000/US$ 186,000 – 314,000
Image: Tiancheng International

Going under the hammer is another gift of nature: a 7.38-carat natural untreated Colombian emerald with a pronounced green hue. Set as a ring, it is surrounded by brilliant diamonds, which only further heightens the beauty of the precious emerald. During its unique formation — Emeralds form when there is enough chromium and vanadium where a beryl crystal grows; a very rare occurrence in itself — inclusions are often formed in the process, making oil enhancement a common practice. This stone, however is untreated, making it’s natural beauty one of nature’s mini miracles.

Lot 112 — Jadeite and Diamond Necklace

Estimate: HK$ 2,200,000 – 3,200,000/US$ 282,000 – 410,000
Image: Tiancheng International

Also flaunting a mesmerising shade of green is a high-calibre jadeite necklace. Impressively robust in size with an intensely rich hue, the jadeite cabochon pendant measures 22.72 x 18.98 x 9.50mm. Shimmering diamonds encircle the cabochon as a graceful accent that ensures the jadeite’s qualities of luminosity and sophistication are brought to the fore.

Lot 88 — 116.67-Carat Natural Untreated Melo Pearl and Diamond “Walking On The Moon” Necklace

Estimate: HK$ 500,000 – 800,000/US$ 64,000 – 103,000
Image: Tiancheng International

A fifth and no less enchanting highlight of the Spring Auction is a melo pearl and diamond necklace. Named for the Melo Melo sea snails which produce the non-nacreous pearl, melo pearls are rare finds — one in several thousands — and no attempts of culturing have been successful. In the Walking On The Moon necklace, the pearl is a spellbinding 116.67 carats with clearly visible “flaming lines”. Ingeniously cast as the moon by the designer, it is paired with star patterns and a mini astronaut, bringing to life the iconic image of a man walking on the moon.

A preview of the Spring Auction will be held from 29 – 31 May (10am to 6pm), while the auction takes place on 1 June 2021 (1pm) at 30/F Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong. 

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