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Tick, Tock: His & Hers Watches For A Matchy-Matchy Valentine’s Day

After all, there’s nothing more precious than time, right?

Tick, Tock: His & Hers Watches For A Matchy-Matchy Valentine’s Day

A couple wearing the same outfit while together can go one of two ways — it could be considered cute and romantic, or just plain outre, depending on the eye of the beholder. A couple wearing matching watches, however, is almost universally greeted with an “awwwww”. Plus, watches can also serve as a daily reminder of your significant other — and act as a prompt to spend more time together.

Here, we’ve shortlisted some of our top choices for couple’s watches, so that you can your partner can be subtly matchy-matchy on Valentine’s Day — or every day, for that matter.

01 | Chopard Alpine Eagle

The Alpine Eagle collection is the latest addition to Chopard’s stable of watches, and is intended to be the sports-luxe watch that many Chopard fans have been hankering after. The watch is modelled after a piece from the 1980s called the St. Moritz, but has been resolutely modernised for the contemporary couple.

The Alpine Eagle comes in many different iterations, in gold, Chopard’s proprietary new Lucent Steel alloy, or a mixture of the two, and the models include versions with diamonds and mother-of-pearl dials. We like this version in Lucent Steel, with the galvanised blue dials. If you look closely, you can see that the dial is stamped with an irregular sunburst motif that is supposed to mimic an eagle’s iris. An indirect way of saying “you’re the apple of my eye”, perhaps?

The watches come in 36mm for those with a preference for smaller timepieces, although those who prefer the ‘boyfriend watch’ aesthetic might well prefer the larger 41mm model.

02 | Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

There are few watches that are as iconic and classically-beloved as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. The rectangular case with its emblematic three gadroons can be spotted from a mile away by anyone with the slightest interest in watches.

Plus, because the Reverso is characterised by its ability to be flipped over to protect the dial, you have the option of engraving a romantic message on the metal caseback for your loved one. Alternatively, if you or your spouse travel often, you could opt for a Duoface version that allows for a second time zone when the watch is flipped — perfect to always remind you of home.

Reverso Classic Large DuoFace Small Seconds in Pink Gold and Reverso Classic Small in Pink Gold.
(Image: Jaeger-LeCoultre)

03 | Cartier Santos-Dumont

The Cartier Santos-Dumont is the more elegant sibling of Cartier’s existing Santos collection, with a slimmer case and a rounded beaded crown instead of the angular “ears” and octagonal crown found on the Santos.

The Santos-Dumont is named after Alberto Santos-Dumont, the inventor and aviation pioneer who is as famous for his sophisticated dress as his flying prowess. Santos-Dumont was the entire reason that men wear wristwatches in the first place — watches used to only be worn on the wrist by women, mostly as a form of adornment, but Santos-Dumont needed to tell the time while he flew his planes, and simply could not afford to fumble with the then-ubiquitous pocketwatch. So Louis Cartier custom made a wrist-worn watch just for him, and the rest is history.

That’s the story you can trot out each time someone compliments you and your partner on your choice of wristwear.

04 | Omega De Ville Trésor

The classic styling of the newly-released Omega De Ville Trésor watches makes them ideal for the couple that prefer a more subtle style of watch.

The round case on the 36mm version of the watch is elegantly accented with two asymmetrical lines of diamonds for the ladies — or perhaps even the gents — who prefer a bit of bling, while the 40mm model has an additional date aperture at 6 o’clock.

Plus, good news for the long-term outlook — Omega has now announced a five-year extended warranty on all of its new watches, including both of these beautiful timepieces.

05 | Franck Muller Remember

There are few watches that are as perfectly suited to be couple’s watches as this pair from Franck Muller’s new Remember collection. Instead of the hands moving clockwise to tell time conventionally, all of the hands on the Remember watches — hour, minutes, and seconds — move anti-clockwise, advancing in the opposite direction. A playful complication when seen on its own, it could also be the basis of a cute inside joke between two loved ones — to always remember the good times you spent together.

The watches are encased in Franck Muller’s signature tonneau-shaped cases, and are available in rose gold, or in stainless steel with diamonds.

Franck Muller Remember in pink gold and in steel with diamonds.
(Image: Franck Muller)

06 | Corum Golden Bridge

Fans of watchmaking would be familiar with Corum’s famous Golden Bridge watches, which has the brand’s signature baguette movement running through the heart of the watch. Now, however, the brand has released new versions of the Golden Bridge, entirely decked out in snow-set diamonds. The gold edges of the case are entirely paved with diamonds of differing sizes, which are set randomly and have no predetermined pattern. More commonly seen in high jewellery, the snow setting has to be performed entirely by hand by a jewellery artisan.

The Golden Bridge (measuring 34mm by 51mm) and the Miss Golden Bridge (21mm by 43mm) are both available in either pink or white gold.

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