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Welcoming The Ong Family’s New Lamborghini

The Urus is purportedly the world’s first super sport utility vehicle.

Welcoming The Ong Family’s New Lamborghini

Anchor Image: Fanty Soenardy and Angela Ng-Teo

This past December, Fanty Soenardy and Douglas Ong threw a party to celebrate the arrival of the Lamborghini Urus they ordered. The party saw the gathering of around 20 of Fanty’s closest friends and family members — including her children Louisa and Dillon, who were back from the United States — celebrating the arrival of the new car with her over a buffet lunch.

The Urus — an SUV chosen for its capacity to carry her family of four — may be named after a wild ox, but it sure looks like it will soon be the family’s “pet”. The eye-catching colour of the car was picked to contrast with her flaming red Ferrari. The sunshine-yellow Lamborghini also inspired Fanty to order an Hermès Kelly bag in yellow and black just to match it.

Louisa Ong, Fanty Soenardy and Andy Goh
  • Don Cheng and Marilyn Lum
  • Dillon Ong and Fanty Soenardy
  • Selina Tan and Ho Ching Lin
  • Fanty Soenardy and Tina Cheng
  • Laura Lim, Angela Ng, Fanty Soenardy and Clementine Wee Dominique
  • Angelina Choo
  • Angela Lee Ng and Constance Chiu
  • Dana Cheong, Fanty Soenardy and Laura Lim

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