Flower Power

When Awesome Blossoms Bloom with Colours of Spring

Celebrating the start of spring at Black Society restaurant.

When Awesome Blossoms Bloom with Colours of Spring
Soraya Wilson, Jacelyn Lai, Nina Ng and Jade Kua

Li chun is a date on the Chinese lunar calendar that signifies the beginning of spring. For li chun this year, which occurred on 4 February, friend of A Magazine Nina Ng organised a lou hei lunch to celebrate the festive occasion. The lunch was held in a private room at Black Society restaurant, and guests turned up all dolled up in pink, red, and flowers to match the theme of “Awesome Blossoms”. The lunch counted the lady boss of Black Society, Jun Low, among its attendees, and proved an indulgent treat indeed. That day, seafood played superstar — there was a traditional yusheng that came topped with abalone, individually-served xiao long bao that came swimming in a lip-smackingly delicious lobster broth, and a huge pen cai that comprised all of the best goodies.

(Standing, from left) Sharon Lim, Chloe Ng, Marie Wee, Jade Kua, Nina Ng, Benjamin Khoh (seated, from left) Julia Goh, Lilian Low, Karen Kim, Jacelyn Lai, Georgina Lee, Yuki Lange and Manisha Sheth
Nina Ng, Belinda Chua, Tan Khar Nai and Sharon Lim
Georgina Lee, Angela Poppy, Nina Ng, Julia Goh, Benjamin Khoh, Jamie Chua, Renuca Metharam and Yuki Lange
Renuca Metharam, Rina Salim, Ellen Teja, Angela Poppy and Shirley Kuan
(Seated, from left) Tjin Lee, Nina Ng, Benjamin Khoh, Tan Khar Nai, Lotus Soh, Grace Wong (standing, from left) Julia Goh, Angela Poppy, Sharon Lim, Belinda Chua, Jacelyn Lai, Karen Kim, Frances Low, Jun Low, Susan Peh, Laura Lim, Wendy Poh and Marie Wee

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