Home-Based Activities

Why Not Hone Your Skills While You’re Home

These stay-home days of the pandemic led us to explore new talents, try out new skills, and hone old ones.

Why Not Hone Your Skills While You’re Home
Singapore's racecar drivers Claire Jedrek and Yuey Tan's baby Oli hones his banana pancake-making skills to perfection

01 | Friend of A Magazine Angela Poppy puts her creativity and sewing to the test with her masks.

02 | Singapore-based fashion designer and digital entrepreneur Yoyo Cao‘s panache for home decorating with Loewe gets a high score.

03 | Founder of Cheryl W Wellness and Weight Management, Cheryl Wee whips up a delicious chocolate confection.

04 | The “home salon” services of The Great Room’s CEO and co-founder Jaelle Ang launched with a queue.

05 | Heather Siow, wife of Anthony Yong, the production director of metalwork manufacturer Yong Tai Loong, takes up baking and makes their circuit breaker-life a rosy one.

06 | Even baby Oli (the child of Singapore’s racecar drivers, Claire Jedrek and Yuey Tan) is getting better at his batter.