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Your 5-Step Guide To Nailing Your Pre-Fall 2020 Looks

Enter into the new fashion season with these must-know trends

Your 5-Step Guide To Nailing Your Pre-Fall 2020 Looks
(from left) Oscar de la Renta, Off-White, Valentino, Chanel, Bottega Veneta

Right before we get into the big Fall/Winter 2020 season, Pre-Fall is here and ready to bring you some incredibly easy trends that you can put into sartorial action. From the boldest spots to the romantic dresses that have us sighing in awe, here are the key trends to note for Pre-Fall 2020.

01 | Just go with the flow

Eveningwear sheds its stuffy connotations this season, as the fashion mill proposes a softer and more feminine approach to designing gowns. Gone are the armour-like embroidery and structured cuts, as featherweight fabrics and pale colours take their places. Key looks include an ethereal pleated gown in white lace from Givenchy, and a frothy green tulle confection by Oscar de la Renta.

02 | Shouldering on

After a couple of seasons of returning to the “all covered up” look, fashion designers are once again pulling the neckline back down. Just like that, flashing one’s shoulders is considered chic again. A bubblegum pink dress at Valentino offers a girlish take on the trend, but Dior’s bustier dress feels just as perfect for those adverse to colour.

03 | Do or tie-dye

Bringing that summer feel into the Pre-Fall season, tie-dye makes a strong showing in several collections. At Proenza Schouler, it’s perfectly built for the contemporary heroine with statement shoulders and a fitted silhouette that leads to streaks of orange dye patterns. Chanel’s pink-to-lilac version offers a more romantic take on the the trend, which is perfectly suited for ladies who need new lunching outfits.

04 | Spots on

The evergreen leopard spots prowls back into the limelight this season, proving its staying power once again. Versace churned out his-and-hers looks, both incorporating the same monotoned leopard print that’s paired with killer biker jackets. Meanwhile, Virgil Abloh and his team at Off-White offered equal parts of feline sexiness and sophistication with a head-to-toe look that comprised of an oversized jacket, a pencil skirt and knee-high boots.

05 | Fringing on the bright side

The beauty of fringe is in how it moves with your body. As you walk, turn and twirl, a fringe trim will curve and swirl around you delightfully as if dancing along with you. Responding to the need for some much-deserved happiness, fashion creatives have put their own take on fringe. At Bottega Veneta, it was a clingy knit dress in a searing shade of fuchsia, while over at Michael Kors, a tailored blazer dress is given the fringe treatment for that modern-but-fun look.

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