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9 Gourmet Places To Get Groceries Delivered To Your Doorstep

Need a break from the usual suspects? Here are some new places to get your supplies from.

9 Gourmet Places To Get Groceries Delivered To Your Doorstep
Ryan's Grocery

If you’re getting bored of getting your essentials delivered from the same places (and in turn, having to cook up the same stuff every time), then we’ve got a treat for you. Here are 9 online stores in Singapore that’ll deliver their gourmet goodies to your door, neatly sorted into categories based on their specialities.


01 | Ryan’s Grocery

This homegrown store caters to just about every allergy and dietary restriction that’s out there, so if you’re someone with a lot of intolerances (or if you’re looking to try a new fad diet) they’ll have a thing or ten for you. They even offer a wide range of carbon neutral and free range meats — with Australian brands Five Founders and Borrowdale —  to make your carnivorous tendencies a little more guilt-free.

02 | Sasha’s Fine Foods

Aside from a wide variety of organic superfoods and plant-based meats, Sasha’s Fine Foods also offers a selection of ready-to-eat meals that are as yummy as they are healthy — you can choose preservative-free meals like beef lasagne, Shepard’s pie, and pork tortellinis. While you’re shopping, pick up one of their newly-launched kombuchas, which aren’t just tasty, but also support independent farmers and food businesses in the region that put quality and sustainability before profit. 

03 | Avo & Co.

We’ve all said it at least once during the circuit breaker — ‘I want to eat more healthy’. Avo & Co.’s produce boxes will certainly hold you to that — not least because they bring a verdant crate of fruits-and-veggies to your door each week. They offer a wide range of different boxes, including ones that include essentials like sourdough bread, milk, and ribeye. And since each delivery comes with a set of recipe cards that utilise the ingredients in each week’s box, you’ll never run out of ideas of what to make next.


04 | Zairyo 

Need your Jap-food fix? Zairyo has you covered. From sashimi-grade oysters to sliced aburi salmon belly, Zairyo is a haven for anyone hankering for some fresh sushi. Pick up a box of their bestselling sea urchin roe, or try your hand at making ramen at home with their fresh-frozen noodles and miso soup base.

05 | German Market Place

It does what it says on the tin: but the German Market Place isn’t a lot more than just bratwursts and beer. They carry a wide selection of European goods — think Dutch stroopwafels and ready-made poffertjes, and a plethora of tasty sweetbreads from across the continent. And yes, they also have biers and weins aplenty. 

06 | African Market Place

For something a little off the beaten track, visit African Market Place. While they offer the usual sundries like rice and snacks, where the store really shines is in its extensive selection of spices and sauces — get some chakalaka mix for the perfect accompaniment to any lunchtime salad or sandwich, or give your next roast a South African kick with some Braai salt. Also on offer are some signature South African wines and meats, like the famous boerewors sausage.

Fish and meat

07 | 9s Seafood

Bored of plain ol’ catch-of-the-day? Singaporean brand 9s Seafood doesn’t just offer some of the freshest catch in town — they’ve got meaty Boston lobster tails and thick ahi fillets aplenty — they also offer some creative takes on your favourite crustaceans. Try their addictive new mala crawfish and pair it with some of their cheese scallops, or create your own new fish-dish with some of their ready made curries and sauces. Best of all, everything gets delivered wonderfully fresh to your doorstep.

08 | Huber’s Butchery 

Carnivores, this one’s for you. Huber’s Butchery offers up a salivating range of fine meats from around the world ranging from marbled Australian wagyu ribeyes to pre-prepared burgers, ribs, and shashlik. They’ve also got quality stocks and glazes from New Zealand brand Foundation, favoured by professional chefs for its preservative-free, all-natural taste. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some of their delicious steak butter for a truly transcendent experience.

09 | Fishwives

For sustainably farmed meat and seafood, Fishwives is the way to go. They pride themselves on offering products that are free of additives, chemicals, and genetic modification — so you can be sure that you’re getting some top of the line surf and turf. Treat yourself to wild-caught blue cod frozen at sea and fresh, grass-fed lamb racks, all accompanied with some yummy gluten-free dinner rolls.