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9 Whiskies From Around The World To Muster The Holiday Spirit

Flex your sophistication and savoir faire at year-end parties with these whiskies from around the world.

9 Whiskies From Around The World To Muster The Holiday Spirit

01 | Glenmorangie: Grand Vintage Malt 1996

Aged in American white oak casks that have been seasoned in bourbon for four years before being lightly charred, this delightfully creamy whisky from Glenmorangie’s Bond House No. 1 Collection serves up a bouquet of floral scents and comes with citrus notes that are beautifully balanced with hints of oak, vanilla, pear, ginger and sweet chili.

02 | Ardbeg: Uigeadail

If you like your whisky smoky, this is one you would relish. Few distilleries can blend sweet and savoury notes with the punchy aroma of Islay peated barley as well as Ardbeg does, and that is why this seductive amber whisky was earlier in June named Whisky of the Year, again. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

03 | The Glenrothes: The Soleo Collection

Named after the traditional process of drying Spanish grapes in the sun, the Soleo collection features five expressions that reflect this historied Speyside distillery’s finesse in crafting top class whiskies. Get the 18 Year single malt, which lures you in with notes of sweet vanilla and pear before a refreshing zing of ginger hits.

04 | Matsui Shuzo: The Kurayoshi 18 Years

Matsui Shuzo might be better known in Japan for their sake and shochu, but the company has been steadily gaining fame in the whisky world. Case in point: The Kurayoshi 18 Years was named Best Japanese Blended Malt at this year’s World Whiskies Awards. Expect notes of honey and vanilla and a slightly minty finish.

05 | New release: Compendium: Hom Mali Rice Whiskey (Cask Strength)

Add a dash of local cheer to the festivities with Singapore’s first single grain whisky. Aged in American oak barrels custom-made in Spain, this unconventional creation is made from Thai hom mali rice instead of malt. Bearing hints of dark fruit and vanilla oak, this bold and luscious whisky comes with a long finish.

06 | New release: Aurora Spirits: Bivrost Jotunheim

Bring a piece of the Artic to your Christmas celebrations with this single malt made in the world’s northernmost distillery Aurora Spirit. In terms of novelty, this one’s hard to beat. Besides the fact that it is stored in a NATO bunker from the Cold War era, the Bivrost Jotunheim is also a limited-edition release with only 3,000 bottles in the world.

07 | Kavalan: Solist Oloroso Sherry Single Cask Strength

Another year, another outstanding showing on the international competition circuit for this Taiwan distillery. Ranked 11th in the world at this year’s International Whisky Competition, this decadent single malt is matured in special Oloroso sherry casks which infuse the spirit with an invigorating mix of sweetness, nuttiness and spice.

08 | New release: Compass Box: No Name, No. 3

Witness the art of pastiche at its finest. This British boutique blender has time and again proved itself to be among the world’s most innovative whisky makers, and this latest addition to its No Name series certainly shows that. Made from a blend of Laphroaig, Bowmore, Mortlach and Clyenlish, this peaty masterpiece is liquid bonfire.

09 | New release: The Macallan: A Night on Earth in Scotland

Encapsulating the richly layered traditions of Scotland’s Hogmanay festival (how does a fireball parade sound to you?) is this single malt whisky created from a selection of the distillery’s sherry seasoned American and European oak casks, along with American ex-bourbon barrels. It’s imbued with a rich, sweet shortbread-like character, and soft, velvety mouthfeel.

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