A Country That Stays Woke, Stays Together

This month, we put the spotlight on 5 individuals who are pushing to make Singapore a better and more equitable place to be.

A Country That Stays Woke, Stays Together

As we celebrate how far Singapore has come, we must also acknowledge that we, as a country, still have a ways to go.⁠ We put the spotlight on 5 people in Singapore who are pushing to make the Little Red Dot a better — and more equitable — place to be.

01 | Dipa Swaminathan— Founder, It’s Raining Raincoats

“For what little they have, they are very grateful and always so willing to help.”

She tells us how we can better support Singapore’s diverse community of migrant workers.

02 | Jean Chong, co-founder, Sayoni

“We wish for the repeal of 377A, and not more, but equal rights as a resident of Singapore.”

The LGBTQ activist tells us what needs to be done to attain true equality in Singapore.

03 | Tan Ding Jie, Vice President Of The Humanist Society 

“We discuss perceptions but we must never attack the person.”

Every faith has a community but what happens if you don’t have a religion? He decided he’d help build a community for the non-religious.

04 | Anthea Indira Ong, social entrepreneur

“We have become a society of consumers that outsource solutions to our problems — let’s claim back what it means to be a citizen.”

She tells us about her community initiatives, and how she hopes Singaporeans will become more active citizens.

05 | Lin Fengru, Co-founder and CEO, TurtleTree Labs

“By encouraging employees to speak out against any bias, they will feel empowered to take individual accountability.”

She talks about diversity in the STEM industry, and what she’s learned about hiring based on expertise.

This feature first appeared in the August 2020 issue of A Magazine.

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