Pictures Of Hope

A Decade Of Photos Help Children With Rare Condition

Helena Ma’s debut solo photo exhibition raises funds for “butterfly children”.

A Decade Of Photos Help Children With Rare Condition
Helena Ma at her debut solo photo exhibition Ode to Life at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery

Having traversed South Korea, China, Sweden, the UK and Singapore, one would have amassed a rich experience of different cultures, landscapes and human emotions. There’s no better way to immortalise these storylines than through photos. Through an exhibition aptly entitled Ode to Life, budding photographer Helena Ma, managing director of a business consultancy firm who has worked in these five countries, gave an outlet to the human psyche. Her works zoom in on the details of everyday life and are flushed with hybrid photo-painting finish. This debut of Ma’s solo photography exhibition was hosted in conjunction with the launch of Podere LaPace wine at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery last December. With art collectors and key business leaders from Singapore and China as its guests, the exhibition raised funds for DEBRA, an international medical research charity for “butterfly children” suffering from a rare genetic condition that causes their extremely fragile skin to tear or blister at the slightest touch.

Helena Ma, Tracey Woon and Catherine Loh
Giovanni Viterale, Helena Ma, Raymond Kwok and George So
Chong Huai Seng, Teoh See Eng, Helena Ma, Chong Siak Ching, Diana Kam and Seah Cheng San
Helmut Schuesler and Helena Ma
Helena Ma and Liu Yan Mei
Charmaine Tso, Russell Storer, Angel Zhang, Chong Siak Ching and Mickaël Royer