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The Agenda: Streetwear Meets Luxe With Air Dior, Burberry’s Next 24-hour B Series Drop, And Other Things You Need To Know

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The Agenda: Streetwear Meets Luxe With Air Dior, Burberry’s Next 24-hour B Series Drop, And Other Things You Need To Know

01 | Burberry’s latest B Series drop is the perfect everyday accessory 

Mark your calendars and set your alarms: here comes Burberry’s next piece in its B Series collection. The Robin bag is a vision in sleek black leather, and sports the label’s new Thomas Burberry monogram in a gold hardware clasp and little else, making it the perfect finishing touch on any daily outfit.  

As with all other B Series releases, the limited edition Robin will be available for 24 hours only on Burberry’s Instagram, starting from on 17 February, 12 noon GMT (that’s 8pm in Singapore on the same day). 

Visit Burberry’s B Series microsite for more information.

02 | Shine bright with the Dioscures set from Cartier’s Magnitude high jewellery collection

Two exceptional diamonds share the stage in Cartier’s Dioscures high jewellery set. A pair of 26.35 and 26.37-carat diamonds, dubbed Dioscures in reference to Zeus’ twin sons, are of virtually unparalleled quality. The pear-shaped beauties are highest on GIA’s colour grade scale, and possess a clarity grade of Internally Flawless, which means the stones have no inclusions. 

To top it all off, these exceedingly rare gems are also classified Type IIa, a criteria met by less than 2 percent of diamonds graded by the GIA. Translation? You’ve got a set of diamonds quite like no other. 
The entire set is also transformable, with the twin stones able to be worn on the necklace, or as a pair of earrings. 

Visit Cartier’s website for more information. 

03 | Lyre’s new non-alcoholic spirits makes sobriety sexy

Teetotalism is gaining traction around the world for various reasons; but really, where’s the fun in a night out when you can barely remember it?

Lyre’s is a new brand of non-alcoholic spirits that wouldn’t have looked too out of place in Gatsby’s drink cabinet. The 13 different flavours — which includes classics like American Malt, Aperitif Dry, and even Absinthe, all in very handsome, Art Deco bottles — make for great cocktail mixers or for drinking alone.

Each spirit looks and tastes like the original alcoholic version. Instead of distillation, Lyre’s blends extracts and flavours  derived from fruits, botanicals, spices, and other natural ingredients. That lends each drink a unique warmth much like alcohol, allowing aspiring bartenders to create classic cocktails in their non-alcoholic forms.

Lyre’s full range of spirits will be available in all Market Place and select Cold Storage supermarkets from mid-March.

04 | Dior joins forces with the Jordan brand for its Air Dior collection 

Forget about ugly fashion sneakers — Dior wants to bring you the real deal. The French maison has partnered with OG basketball culture brand, Jordan, to create the Air Dior capsule collection, which comprises of ready-to-wear, accessories, and of course, lust-worthy sneakers.

From baby blues to the iconic Dior grey, the palette of gentle shades brings a timeless elegance to some of streetwear’s most iconic silhouettes: Case in point is the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior, which will surely become one of the collection’s most coveted pieces.

The Air Dior collection will be available at selected Dior stores and pop-ups starting April 2020.

(Image: Dior)

05 | Welcome the new season with Chantecaille’s hummingbird-inspired Spring collection

Spring is here, and with it, a gorgeous assemblage of creatures that are emerging from their long winter’s sleep. Chantecaille’s limited edition Spring 2020 collection is inspired by the charming bird, with four products in the line up: two eye quartets in warm and cool, a weightless blurring powder, and four new Lip Chic shades — all emblazoned with the titular bird.

And they aren’t just paying lip service to the beautiful creature, either. A portion of proceeds from each Lip Chic gloss will go to the Amazon Conservation Team to support their work in preserving the hummingbird’s rainforest habitat. 

Visit Chantecaille’s website for more information.

(Image: Chantecaille)

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