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Who Wants to Be A Chinese Opera Superstar?

The Asian Civilisation Museum will make your wayang dreams come true.

Who Wants to Be A Chinese Opera Superstar?
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For two nights at the end of June, the Asian Civilisation Museum will come alive with the clash of cymbals and shrill, operatic cries. A Night at the Chinese Opera is a loud and cheerful celebration of the musical theatre form’s history. Bonus: There will be a host of interactive workshops that will transform you into a stage star, ornate costumes and all.

If you aren’t up to putting on the full face of iconic stage make up — or if fuchsia eyeshadow clashes with your undertones — there are lots of other activities to take part in over the two nights.

Aside from traditional Chinese opera performances, you’ll see how the art form has adapted itself to modern times around the world through a kaleidoscopic showcase of song and dance. From martial arts to classic films, you can see where the art form takes its cues from, and how it continues to evolve.

The showcase is part of the ACM’s Asian Culture & Music Series, which includes Guo Pei’s Chinese Art and Couture exhibition. 

Asian Culture & Music Series: A Night at the Chinese Opera will take place on Friday, June 28 from 6pm – 9pm, and on Saturday, June 29 from 1pm – 9pm at the Asian Civilisation Museum. 

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