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Benjamin Kim’s Ultimate Playlist Of Must-Watch Shows And Movies Will Keep You Scintillated All Weekend

The aviation professional — who has a home entertainment room to binge-watch all the scintillating dramas he wants with his wife, Serene Tan — gives us his must-watch list.

Benjamin Kim’s Ultimate Playlist Of Must-Watch Shows And Movies Will Keep You Scintillated All Weekend
Benjamin Kim and wife Serene TanBenjamin Kim

Drama series | The Newsroom (HBO)


Why you should watch this: There’s so much intelligent and witty dialogue throughout coupled with great acting, making this a most memorable TV series. Conceptually, it encompasses idealism, righteousness and hope, giving us a glimpse of how real life ought to be. Not an unbelievable utopian society, but a true reflection of what might really be possible.

Drama series | The West Wing (Netflix)

Why you should watch this: Who wants to watch a show about politics right? Especially one that’s 20 years old… well, I do. I think even more so in today’s global geopolitical climate, The West Wing is refreshing, witty, bold, intelligent, inspiring and absolutely brilliant! It showcases leadership, the people needed to support a great leader, the trials and tribulations that they face, how they overcome each hurdle with poise and dignity, and how strength and humility go hand in hand.

Movie | The American President (Netflix)

The American

Why you should watch this: In the same vein as The West Wing, this movie is a truncated version of it, featuring great acting and dialogue, the challenges of deciding to do – what’s right versus what’s popular at the highest level, and a dose of good old romance. I have the DVD, the soundtrack and the poster. I absolutely love this.

“I realised I’d just recommended three Aaron Sorkin movie/TV series above. In my mind, he’s one of the greatest writers and I can absolutely connect with his content.”

Movie | Braveheart (Netflix)

Why you should watch this: A dramatic and emotional movie, I think Braveheart spawned a whole series of warfighting action movies that tried to imitate it but were pale in comparison. In Braveheart, through the determination, love and strength of one man, a commoner, an entire country was rallied against tyranny and oppression.

Movie | Love Actually (Netflix)


Why you should watch this: A fun, light-hearted romantic comedy that never fails to make one feel good; this film magically weaves together the interlinked stories of many couples. Serene and I must have watched this 10 times.

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