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Get Organised And Creative With Brother International

The P-touch Cube Series provide stylish labellers for professional and lifestyle applications.

Get Organised And Creative With Brother International

Printing specialist, electronics and electrical equipment company Brother International presents the P-touch Cube Series, comprising the P-touch Cube and the P-touch Cube Plus. Small but infinitely versatile, the P-touch Cube Series proves its usefulness and then some with its multitude of functionalities.  

The company’s first Bluetooth labelling machine for the home market, the P-touch Cube creates customised labels through direct thermal printing, making it an ideal tool for crafting, gift-wrapping and preparing for events, as well as labelling food containers and storage boxes, identifying personal items and stationery, and personalising gifts.

Capable of printing on a variety of ribbons and adhesive tapes — including matt, decorated, clear and coloured tapes — the P-touch Cube complements the tape with text rendered in black or gold. The tape cassettes can be easily swapped out, and auto-lamination after printing means durable labels that last. 

Designing labels merely requires a Bluetooth connection from the P-touch Cube to a user’s smartphone, while the latter runs a free dedicated app, the Brother P-touch Design&Print, available on iOS and Android. 

The app features include a variety of fonts, symbols, frames and even emojis; create-your-own-label mode; templates with photos that show the labelling application; history mode to save designs for reuse; and automatic detection of tape, label or ribbon size and colour. 

The P-touch Cube’s printing function can produce labels as fast as 20mm per second at a resolution of 180dpi, generating multiple labels in rapid succession while not compromising on sharpness, and the integrated blade neatly slices the labels, ensuring a safe and hassle-free printing process.

The machine itself is a sleek and modern cube with rounded corners — a compact design with a small footprint — and its white and light grey colour scheme embodies subtle sophistication. Highly portable, it runs on a power adapter or six alkaline batteries. 

Recently joining the P-touch Cube Series is the P-touch Cube Plus, a powerful machine that can withstand the rigours of business and office settings.

In addition to the Brother P-touch Design&Print app, the P-touch Cube Plus is compatible with the Brother iPrint&Label app and the P-touch Editor software. Together, the suite offers a wide range of pre-designed templates, symbols, frames and fonts to create unique labels and even custom QR codes. 

The P-touch Cube Plus can accommodate P-touch TZe tapes of widths up to 24mm and in premium finishes such as glitter. A built-in lithium-ion battery maximises the machine’s portability, the integrated blade cuts printed labels automatically, and connecting the device to a computer is made convenient through Micro USB. 

The Brother P-touch Cube Series is available for purchase at authorised resellers and online. 

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