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Celebrating Dynastic Traditions With Richard Hennessy

The exceptional cognac was showcased at an intimate dinner.

Celebrating Dynastic Traditions With Richard Hennessy

Cognac that dates back a hundred years? A few of us have indeed had the pleasure of imbibing such liquid gold. But a cognac that has witnessed two centuries is quite something else; It is history in a bottle, and reminds you that while time is ephemeral, legacy isn’t. 

It is Richard Hennessy.

And it was among both new and firm friends that bottles of the exceptional cognac was shared on 5 December 2019 at inventive modern restaurant Curate at Resorts World Sentosa. Hosted by Moet-Hennessy Asia Pacific’s Private Client Director Clementine Wee and A Magazine, the intimate affair cast a spotlight on trail-blazing vision, generational knowledge, and of course, joie de vivre. 

Created as an homage to the founder of the House of Hennessy Cognac — established in 1765 — Richard Hennessy is a blend of more than 100 eaux-de-vie, of which, the earliest expression dates back to the early 19th century. It is said some of the eau-de-vie even hail from grape varieties that vanished in 1870 when phylloxera destroyed Cognac’s precious vines.

It is fitting then, that not only is the Richard Hennessy a creation of master blender Yann Filloux, the seventh generation in his family to craft Hennessy cognacs, but the amber spirit poured over the evening was also (fortuitously) enjoyed by several multi-generational families: nephews and their aunt, and even two sets of mothers and daughters. 

And all would agree that the complexity of Richard Hennessy—with its notes of spice, nuts, leather, flowers and candied fruit — pairs surprisingly well with both A5 wagyu beef and chocolate cake alike. Give it a try. You’ll thank us.

Richard Hennessy x A Magazine Event
Margaret Lee, Geraldine Ng, Collin Ang and Michelle Chen enjoy the Dom Perignon champagne served as aperitif
Richard Hennessy x A Magazine event
Ian Tan and Leslie Kuek
Linh La and Mary Ann Tan
Richard Hennessy X A Magazine event
Ooi Huey Tyng
Richard Hennessy x A Magazine event
Andy Sim
Richard Hennessy x A Magazine event
Yang Tse Pin and Clementine Wee
Richard Hennessy x A Magazine event
Lauren Tan, George Tan, Peter Fok and Gary Gey
Richard Hennessy x A magazine event
Andy Ng
Richard Hennessy x A Magazine event
Wendy Huang, Laura Lim and Michelle Lim

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