The Healing Power Of Drip Chicken Essence From Taiwanese Brand Tian Yuan Xiang

Lacking energy these days? Top up your kidney qi with this nourishing brew.

The Healing Power Of Drip Chicken Essence From Taiwanese Brand Tian Yuan Xiang

For those feeling the onset of sub-optimal health, there is now a tasty solution that is as nutritious and comforting as homemade chicken soup: drip chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang, the first drip chicken essence brand established in Taiwan.

Famous for its double-boiled chicken essence, a traditional health supplement originating in southern Taiwan, the brand founded in 2005 has expanded beyond Taiwan and into Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, bringing its delicious supplements to our shores.

Drip chicken essence by Tian Yuan Xiang is derived from the time-consuming traditional methods of double boiling chicken for a whole day to extract just one bowl of pure essence. The recipes incorporate a wide range of medicinal herbs, selected according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and developed with professional Chinese physicians to suit a range of consumers, such as children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and patients post-operation — taking care of the whole family’s health and nutrition needs.

A favourite in the Hong Kong market, the Eucommia Chicken Essence contains a range of medicinal herbs that nourish the kidneys’ qi: eucommia, dodder seed, mulberry mistletoe stems, Himalayan teasel root, Colla corii asini and more. In particular, the star ingredient, eucommia, is known for encouraging would healing; nourishing the liver and protecting the kidneys; relieving back and knee pain and strengthening muscle and bone; and boosting metabolism, relieving constipation and removing excess body fat.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney qi determines the functioning of the body’s hormones and reproductive system, and the health of the waist and hair. The former is negatively affected by modern lifestyles, from chronic work stress to late nights and erratic sleeping schedules.

It is not difficult to see why Tian Yuan Xiang was voted by consumers as the top drip chicken essence a poll released this year, conducted by Taiwanese outlet NowNews. The formula is rich, nourishing and wholesome, with an intoxicating herbal fragrance and a delightful golden hue. Best savoured warm, it is the perfect start to a long day at work and a restorative, invigorating tasting experience for the body and mind. It is little wonder that Tian Yuan Xiang’s celebrity ambassador, Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling, has been an avid consumer of the brand’s products for more than 10 years.

Tian Yuan Xiang handles the entire production of its drip chicken essence in-house, starting from raising its own chickens, embodying the farm-to-table philosophy. The brand is the first to win the Taiwan health food certification among homegrown drip chicken essence brands, and since then it has gone on to win the honour two more times, in 2015 and 2019.

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To celebrate the brand’s launch in Singapore, Tian Yuan Xiang is offering a discount on all flavours of drip chicken essence from 1 to 7 November. Just enter the discount code “AM10” at checkout to redeem the offer.

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