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Empower Youths By Purchasing Individually Designed Greeting Cards Curated With Bynd Artisan

A Magazine starts 2022 with a spark of creativity, originality and altruism.

Empower Youths By Purchasing Individually Designed Greeting Cards Curated With Bynd Artisan

A new year calls for light waves of positive energy channelled towards our loved ones. Send those good vibrations in the form of beautiful limited-edition note cards specially curated by A Magazine in partnership with Bynd Artisan.

Designed by 10 talented friends of A, including entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders, the cards are part of “The Art of Intention” set contained within a chic custom-designed pouch in gunmetal.

You’ll pay it forward by purchasing this thoughtful gift here, or directly from any of Bynd Artisan’s outlets. Proceeds from the sale of sets will benefit Halogen Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps empower youths to create a better future through leadership and entrepreneurship development.

The idea for the gift cards was born during Singapore’s lockdown, to inspire mindfulness and creativity with a social slant.

“During this period of uncertainty, we’ve learned lessons of courage and resilience, and found strength in community by connecting through social channels. We’ve gained time, which would otherwise have been spent travelling. We’ve learned to slow down and take stock of where we are now and where we want to be in life. We’ve put aside what we can’t control and looked inwards to discover ourselves, our passion, interests, talents and values. Some of us took to journaling as a form of reflection, some of us learned new skills such as baking to send friends homemade goodies. Some of us hand-wrote cards to people we missed, and some of us turned to art as a form of outward expression. All these new activities in much quieter settings at home have given us clarity on our intentions and our life goals. We want to live more meaningfully, to pay it forward and to create impact,” said Winnie Chan, co-founder of Bynd Artisan.

Meet the talents behind the project.

Bobby Chng, design consultant

“The title of this artwork is All We Need Is Love. The picture was taken using my camera 15 years ago at the West Lake in Hangzhou, China during the Moon Cake Festival. This photo popped up suddenly on my laptop screen and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I guess it’s meant for this project! I used “LOVE” because during this Covid period and the increase in infections compounded by more problems around the world, what we all need right now is Love, Care and Kindness.”

Caroline Lim, global HR head, PSA International

“This Fishball illustration is part of a series I have been working on that plays on words and phrases through whimsical illustrations. This particular one is a play on fishball as a food and also, fish having a ball of a time!”

Jacelyn Lai, artist advocator

“This artwork, Tenacity, began with a dot. Then I added another and another. I began to formulate a theme. The meaning of each dot to me. It is about humanity coming together as a force for change. This pandemic has seen the world working together, putting all differences aside, racing against time to save as many lives as possible. It is a time the whole world connects, join hands, unite and reach out to effect change for the greater good of all humanity. I pressed on with each dot despite the daunting task of finishing and my weak eyesight wasn’t helping – completing it became even more meaningful. The different colours, the tiny dots tightly packed together represent our human strength and resolve to keep going despite adversity.”

Kathryn Yap, microbiologist/headhunter/artist/grandmother

“I was painting a sample of the red blood cells I saw under the microscope when I was an immunology researcher doing my MSc degree in Microbiology in 1989. I thought this painting is very apt for a Covid year.”

Andrew Gn, fashion designer

“This is titled CoralsAliveAGN, which is the name of my Spring Summer 2022 collection that was presented in association with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The collection also extols the amazing and irreplaceable beauty of corals. Corals are among my utmost favourite motifs and recurring themes. After watching documentaries about the destruction of coral reefs, and the huge endeavours to save them, I wanted to raise awareness, through the fashion lens, about the vital importance of corals for the survival of oceans and our planet.”

Joan Chang, founder, The Ove Collection & co-founder of Lloyd’s Inn

“This piece is titled You Will Get To Shore. The journey of how life ebbs and flows, depicted by the deep blues and turmoil of the deep sea and rolling waves; but gets calmer as one reaches the shore. This art piece encourages those battling mental health and the highs and lows in life – you will get to shore – always.”

Dawn Koh, co-founder, The Chalk Farm

“My inspiration came from life and how fragile it can be. Sometimes it is taken for granted. The earth is like the heart too, it’s very fragile. It needs tender loving care, and it sort of beats without thinking. And yet what it does is very crucial. Once it stops, life comes to an end. I titled this artwork Don’t Let Me Down.”

Nana Au-Chua, entrepreneur and COO, Million Lighting Co Pte Ltd

“I titled this the Vanishing Tribes of Omo Valley, Ethiopia. I enjoy capturing simplicity and beauty in unexpected places. My mission is to create beautiful art that can bring tranquility to the everyday lives of others.”

Susanna Kang, art patron

“The orchid is our national flower. In Chinese paintings orchids are one of the most important flowers as it represents nobleness, elegance and perseverance. This artwork I titled it as 花蘭爭艷.”

Tiffany Primalia Goutama, painter and illustrator

Soft lines and blurred edges.

Are we sure of anything really,

Things that we say with certainty?

Things that we think with clarity,

Hiding behind our authenticity?

“This work, Unsure, explores the relationship between our hard lines, “non-negotiables”, and the grey areas of our lives. One often prides oneself on certain principles but find that sometimes rules are bent.”

Kindly note that delivery is chargeable at an additional S$15 per location (within Singapore only). Alternatively, self-collection can be arranged at 7 Jalan Kilang, Level 6, Singapore 159407. Greeting cards will be couriered within the next week upon receipt of payment.

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