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Fanty Soenardy’s 3 Reasons To Celebrate

Lunar New Year, a dear friend and the delivery of a new Ferrari F8 Tributo inspired the hostess with the mostest to whip up a storm for her recent get-together.

Fanty Soenardy’s 3 Reasons To Celebrate
Fanty Soenardy with her new Ferrari F8 Tributo and macaw, Yoyo
Image: Fanty Soenardy

What do you do when it’s nearly Lunar New Year and you’ve finally taken delivery of the Ferrari you’ve waited more than a year for? If you are Fanty Soenardy, you invite eight (the government-prescribed maximum for gatherings) girlfriends over and prepare dishes worthy of a Masterchef title. 

“It is Chinese tradition to meet during Lunar New Year. And I think these gatherings are very special because it’s heart-warming for everyone to cheerfully wish each other the best for the new year. The atmosphere is joyous, very positive, hope-filled and happy!” says Soenardy, whose teenage son Dillon Ong, was the only gent among the party.

Dana Cheong, Ingrid Prasatya, Evelyn Yeoh, Sharon Heng, Laura Lim, Fanty Soenardy, Dillon Ong, Amber Lee, Carmen Ow, Stephanie LeeImage: Fanty Soenardy

Aperitifs and the tossing of home-made Yusheng were enjoyed right in the porte-cochère itself, where the F8 Tributo — the marque’s latest in a long bloodline of mid-engined V8 berlinettas — was parked for display.

Over in “Fanty’s Kitchen” — the chic open concept kitchen and dining area in the house — Indonesian cuisine was served in abundance. “I grew up eating these dishes,” says Soenardy of the menu. “They are simple food that’s easy on the palate, and most of my friends like them!”

The host is well-known for her Indonesian dishesImage: Fanty Soenardy

Kept under wraps was another reason to celebrate: The birthday of her dear friend Sharon Heng, who had arrived none the wiser that birthday cakes and the host’s version of auspicious Longevity Noodles had also been prepared. “Sharon is a very sincere friend, who stood by me all these years. She has a kind heart and a good and positive energy.” 

If you thought that was the end of the day’s highlights, no. There was one other introduction made to the party: Yoyo, Soenardy’s new green-winged pet macaw!

Flip through the gallery for more photos from the gathering:

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