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Fashion Apps That Will Help You Pass Time At Home

Your screen time is already going to go up, so might as well make it chic.

Fashion Apps That Will Help You Pass Time At Home
Jimmy Choo

Hands up, if your weekly screen time report has shown that you’re spending a lot more time on your phone during this circuit breaker. Yeah, us too.

Between the daze of waking up, telecommuting and trying to get a bit of a routine going, it’s so easy to lounge around at home and let the hours seep away as we scroll through our endless social media feeds, or check in on our newly-downloaded phone games.

Since you’re already using your smartphone as a way of escaping from the necessary doldrums of staying home, lose yourself to these ultra-fashionable apps. Between shopping, playing games and checking out new togs, you’ve got plenty of content here for added distractions.

01 | Drest

This is a fashion fan’s dream video game. Created by former fashion editor Lucy Yeomans, Drest allows players to dress up their virtual avatars in the latest looks straight from the runway. Think of it as playing with your Barbie, except that your Barbie now wears Gucci. Best part? You can get the looks you like directly from Farfetch too, so you won’t get a case of real-world FOMO.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Valentino)

02 | ShopStyle

Meet the Google of fashion. Operating as a search engine, ShopStyle is here to help you locate those super-specific, hard-to-find pieces that you’ve set your heart on. All you need to do is type in your request, and the app will comb through thousands of retailers to find you pieces that would match your search term. Click on the item, make your purchase, and enjoy it when it arrives in the mail.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Matches Fashion)

03 | Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion has quickly carved out a niche amongst its online luxury retail peers for its well-curated selection of contemporary luxury brands. That’s not to say that they don’t already carry big-name brands like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, but their repertoire of labels extends to up-and-coming names such as Khaite, Ludovic de Saint Sernin and The Vampire’s Wife.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Tom Craig for Vestiaire Collective)

04 | Vestiaire Collective

Congregate with your fashion collectors and expand your wardrobe by getting into Vestiaire Collective’s ever-growing arsenal of pre-loved finds. From rare Alexander McQueen designs to Prada shirts that are in near-mint condition, it also gives you a platform to sell away some of the items that you’ve neglected to wear (read: more wardrobe space while earning a quick buck).

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Unsplash)

05 | Louis Vuitton City Guide

Sure, we might not be travelling just yet, but there’s nothing to stop you from planning a dream travel itinerary. To help, the city guides that Louis Vuitton has put together will introduce you to the buzziest spots, show you a few attractions that are off the beaten track and bring you to the chicest neighborhoods and shops that you absolutely cannot miss. It’s the travel advisor for the fashionable.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Kevin Tachman for Gucci)

06 | Gucci

Like with all things Gucci, you know that you’re always going to have a good time. The brand’s app ticks all the standard boxes when it comes to online shopping and product curation functions, but we also love that it offers so much more. Explore the AR function to virtually try on sunglasses, cook up a meal with Gucci Osteria’s chef Karime Lopez or pass time by playing games at the Gucci Arcade.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

(Image: Chloe)

07 | Like To Know It

We’ve all been there before: you see something someone wore on Instagram, but you’ve got no leads on who designed it or how to buy it. That’s where Like To Know It comes in to help. With real-time shoppable content uploaded by top influencers and celebrities, you’re never left wondering “who made this dress?” again.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play


08 | Net-A-Porter

One of the best online shopping sites, Net-A-Porter’s massive inventory of luxury brands will set your hearts fluttering. With beautifully curated lists that encompass everything from workwear to work-from-home wear, there’s nothing that you cannot already find listed on their apps. Plus, they’ve got a growing list of cult beauty brands as well, so you can add a side of self-care to your retail therapy.

Download the app: App Store / Google Play

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