First Of: Manfred Lim, a.k.a. Myrne

Sound architect is the first local to sign with Ultra Music.

First Of: Manfred Lim, a.k.a. Myrne

Chances are you’ve heard of Calvin Harris, Kygo and Steve Aoki. Well, watch out for Myrne. The EDM producer (real name Manfred Lim) is their latest label mate. At just 24, the classically-trained pianist is the first Singaporean to sign a multi-record deal with Ultra Music. 

His first single, which dropped end June, comes off his debut solo album World’s Away

“I wrote it about living, loving and pursuing your craft when you’re largely alone most of the time,” he shares. 

Music, he says, is a form of self-expression. “I think everyone has a story to tell, and people are interested in the stories of others. With my music, I try to convey the thoughts and emotions I feel into a palatable art medium — it’s surprising everyone has reacted positively so far.”

It wasn’t too long ago that Lim was just 17, still in school, and armed with tutorials from YouTube, a keyboard and audio software, began creating music in his bedroom.

But despite the quick success in a fickle dance music scene, the St Andrew’s Junior College alum remains grounded and reflective. “I don’t feel any outside pressure to keep up with trends or consciously innovate when it comes to making music. I make music at my own pace, whenever I’m inspired — those make for the best moments and a long, steady body of work,” he says.

In the last year alone, he has played some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland — both a first for a Singaporean. Well-received both in the West and here in Asia, Lim is staying closer to home this season. In June, he headlined a show at nightclub Tom Live in Shenzhen and will be aboard festival at sea It’s The Ship China later this year.

Nothing beats playing on home soil though. “Singapore to me is my landing ground, where I’m free to test out more obscure songs, and the crowd here knows more of my indie hits. Plus it always feels nicer performing with the humidity, because then I know everyone’s suffering with me in the heat!” he says. 

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