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Get Chic #StayHome Outfits From These Designer Pyjamas Brands

Don’t sleep on these luxury sleepwear brands

Get Chic #StayHome Outfits From These Designer Pyjamas Brands
Olivia Von Halle

Are you still staying in? Good. Are you doing that in baggy sweatpants and a Dalgona coffee-stained hoodie? Not so good.

Comfortable as they are, you deserve to live your best lounge life in threads that suit, so as much as it pains us to say this, that gym t-shirt with several holes will no longer cut it for you.

Instead, look to one of these luxury sleepwear brands to find something just as comfortable and cosy to laze your afternoon away in. Best part? They are so stylish, you might be tempted to wear them to your next coffee-and-cake run.

01 | Pour Les Femmes

Started by actress Robin Wright and Karen Fowler, Pour Les Femmes is a socially-conscious sleepwear line that makes some fine nighttime companions. Just as good to look at as it is to be worn, Pour Les Femmes — which means “for the women — focuses on creating equal employment rights for their workers by working with charity organizations to employ women from regions of conflict and equip them with a means of earning a fair living wage. You can sleep easy knowing that your money is going to a great cause.

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02 | Brunello Cucinelli

Going from your bedroom to your sofa? Hey, no judgement here, since we do that too. Upgrade your little in-between commute with the help of Brunello Cucinelli’s super-soft, super-chic robe. Throw it over, and it’s like you’re bringing your plushest blanket with you everywhere you go. There is even matching handtowels, so you can stop by the bathroom for a quick skincare pick-me-up before your next Netflix marathon.

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03 | Derek Rose

London-based nightwear brand Derek Rose is another brand that seeks to put its workers first. With a company mission to protect and create new job opportunities, the brand writes that they have two guiding principals in their decision-making strategy: Will this create a level of risk that is unacceptable and can negatively impact jobs? And does this help strengthen the company and support job creation? Design-wise, expect plenty of functional, easy pieces that are available in both mens’ and womens’ ranges that feature bright blocks of colour or lively patterns.

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04 | Olivia Von Halle

Remember when we alluded to wearing your pyjamas into the mall? We weren’t joking. With Olivia Von Halle’s luxurious sleepwear, you can literally go from sheets to streets in a matter of seconds. Known for her smooth silk creations in the most vivid colours and motifs, Olivia Von Halle’s pyjamas are an upgrade to your bedtime outfits.

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05 | Sleeper

One look at Sleeper, and you might think that they are just another fashion brand. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, Sleeper is all about creating walking sleepwear (translate: pyjamas that you can wear out of the house too). Peruse their catalogue of designs and you’ll find everything from feather-trimmed pyjama shirts to puffy-sleeved dresses, each one designed for maximal comfort as you tuck yourself in for the night. Wake up the next day, throw on some sneakers, and you’re all set for tea.

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