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“Glamour Is About Being Open-Minded And Confident” – Kate Moss

The supermodel-turned-entrepreneur dishes on her fashion icons, overcoming doubt and how she gets dressed each day.

“Glamour Is About Being Open-Minded And Confident” – Kate Moss
Image: Jimmy Choo

At 14, what were you doing?

For Kate Moss, she was posing on billboards, walking the top runways and having her photo taken by the world’s leading photographers.

Since being discovered by talent scouts over three decades ago, the supermodel has carved out a reputation in the industry for being one of the most in-demand models still in the biz. On top of posing for campaigns – the latest being Jimmy Choo’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection – Moss has transitioned into having a successful career as a talent agent, with the opening of KMA in 2016.

Her style is just as iconic as she is, thanks to her mastery of pairing separates with an insouciant vein of elegance – seen best in her penchant for pairing tailored blazers with scuffed boots, or taking a pair of scissors to a gown and turning it into a party dress mid-dinner. In other words, she’s the perfect muse for Jimmy Choo’s collection of bohemian wedges, disco-ready platforms and

As she appears on Jimmy Choo’s campaign this season, Moss lets the world in on the method behind her magic.

What’s the best career advice you’ve had?

The best career advice is actually something that I’ve had to learn along the way. I’d say it’s most important always to collaborate with the team that you’re entrusted with.

What defines a modern woman in 2020 to you?

I think the modern woman today is someone who is confident with and within herself. Someone who is original is somebody that stands out for me.

Image: Jimmy Choo

What’s your golden rule for dressing up?

I don’t have any rules for dressing up! I definitely think about where I am going, and about the kind of character that would be going to that place and what they would wear. I think glamour is about being open-minded and confident.

Who inspires you and who are your icons?

I’ve got a lot of icons, but Anita Pallenberg and Susie Cave are the most glamourous women that I know!

How do you overcome doubt?

I think gut instinct is the only way to know it for sure. Trust your instincts.

  • Shoes, from Jimmy ChooImage: Jimmy Choo
  • Shoes, from Jimmy ChooImage: Jimmy Choo
  • Shoes, from Jimmy ChooImage: Jimmy Choo

Who’s shoes would you like to step in to for a day?

I’d like to step into Ginger Rogers shoes for the day, cause I’d love to be able to dance like that!

What is your ‘go to’ shoe?

Oh my goodness, let me think. I do like a strappy high sandal, it’s my dream shoe, if I could wear them every day I could!

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