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Hedi Slimane Launches Celine’s Foray Into Fragrance

The new haute perfumery collection centers on Slimane’s powdery olfaction and emotional trigger points.

Hedi Slimane Launches Celine’s Foray Into Fragrance

Celine’s Slimane-centric world has expanded into a scentsorial new dimension. On top of revamping the brand’s entire design aesthetic (and making considerable headlines doing so), Celine creative, artistic, and image director Hedi Slimane has decided to expand the French marque’s brand universe with a brand new haute parfumerie fragrance collection.

Celine, beloved for its timelessly chic fashions, has largely steered clear of scents, save for a single fragrance called Vent Fou in 1964. (In hindsight, was a perfume called Crazy Wind really the best idea?) This foray back into the fragrance realm was, however, promised when Slimane first took over the reins at Celine. He is now fulfilling that promise, and then some.

There are a total of 11 scents scheduled for release in this collection, 8 of which are classified as day fragrances, and 3 for night—although the brand is careful to mention that all of the fragrances can be worn at any occasion. For day, we have the likes of Dans Paris, La Peau Nue, and Eau de Californie, while Black Tie, Reptile, and Nightclubbing are intended for evening. Each of the perfumes are supposedly representative of a place, moment, or person dear to Slimane’s heart.

While Celine did not detail the notes of these perfumes, leaving much to the imagination, it did say that each of the fragrances would contain a powdery note, “like a diaphanous veil placed over the skin,” according to the press release. These are notes characteristic of the 1960s and ’70s—tree moss, iris, rose, or a chypre accord, all of which are distinctively powdery to the nose. (We’re particularly curious as to what a powdery Reptile would smell like—leather and moss, perhaps?)

Among these 11 perfumes, nine will be released in fall 2019, and two—Bois Dormant and Rimbaud, from the day selection—will drop in 2020. While it is unclear when exactly these scents will be made available, Celine has indicated that there will be a brand new haute parfumerie boutique housed at 390 Rue Saint-Honoré that will be hosting guests starting from late October.

Time for a trip to Paris, perhaps?

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