Just Tested Positive For Covid-19? Speedoc Can Help In A Jiffy

Serene Cai, the company’s co-founder, tells us how their telemedicine services helped to shift the healthcare paradigm during the pandemic.

Just Tested Positive For Covid-19? Speedoc Can Help In A Jiffy
Serene Cai, co-founder of SpeedocDarren Gabriel Leow

As co-founder of health tech company Speedoc, Serene Cai has played an instrumental role in making healthcare more accessible to Singaporeans through a range of services including video consultation, in-person house visits or remote monitoring. A big advocate of health and wellness among her family and friends, Cai, who was a Forbes 30 Under 30 honouree last year, is especially passionate about sharing with them the importance of preventive health measures such as health screenings and vaccinations.

How does Speedoc make it easier for people to stay healthy?

We bring healthcare to our consumers as they can easily book our services through the Speedoc app within minutes. This also enables them to skip long registration or payment queues when seeking treatment at clinics in person. As the battle with Covid-19 continues, it’s also helpful as consumers need not expose themselves unnecessarily.

We have a comprehensive suite of services including flu vaccinations, video consultations, doctor house calls, nurse home visits, health screening and food allergy tests.

What are some workplace health and wellness solutions that Speedoc offers?

To cater to the varying needs of the community and our corporate partners, we offer health screening packages that help with the early detection of conditions, enabling consumers to seek timely treatments, hence reducing the risk of complications. We also offer men and women’s health screening services, enabling them to seek advice on sexual health matters within the privacy of their homes. Something exciting that we introduced this year was also food allergy testing that can explain why you have symptoms like bloating, tummy upsets or migraines after eating certain foods.

Over the past two years, how has Speedoc contributed to workplace wellness here?

Speedoc was instrumental in ensuring community risk containment by swabbing over 14,000 people (at last count) through home swabs and pre-event testing during the circuit breaker. We also helped the global community by serving 18,000 seafarers to ensure they can fly home safely. Post–circuit breaker, we have also been involved in Home Recovery Programme, Home Vaccination Team, Pre-event Testing, Pre-departure Testing and, most recently, we served as the official medical services partner for the 2021 World Table Tennis Cup Finals at OCBC Arena.

How do you practise wellness and mindfulness at work?

I set aside time each day to scribble down something I am grateful for — from something as arbitrary as having my preferred candy in the pantry to something as meaningful as receiving a thank you note from a grateful colleague.

How do you help foster more well-being among your team?

As social gatherings are tough, we gather monthly to catch up on an organisational level. Respective departments also gather weekly to ensure the team is coping well and have a good work-life balance. Staff are encouraged to share good news — both professional and personal — together with concerns and roadblocks every single day so that we can celebrate or work together through triumphs and failures. This fosters stronger bonds within the team and our culture and energy is what makes Speedoc special.

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