With MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Re-White, We Can Finally Have Radiant Skin

MTM Skincare personalises its brightening formulas with different extracts for your unique needs.

With MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Re-White, We Can Finally Have Radiant Skin
Clockwise, from left: MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Mask; MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Cream; MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Essence.

As proposed by MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White, melanin is responsible for many of our skin woes.   

Melanin, or the pigment that determines the colour of our skin, hair and eyes, primarily protects our skin against damage from UV exposure. But the problem occurs when there’s too much melanin.

Skin becomes vulnerable to hyperpigmentation and freckles. It also starts to lose its radiance and appear sallow. Another effect: dehydration, which further weakens skin cells and contribute to roughness, sagging and wrinkles.   

And while it may be tempting to blame melanin increase on UV protection (or the lack of, rather), know that this can be caused by other factors such as ageing, menstrual cycle and stress. In the pursuit of flawless beauty, MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White has been formulated to not only suppress melanin presence but also be personalised with extracts to treat its specific cause.

Officially authenticated in Japan as a quasi-drug, MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White has fulfilled stringent criteria in product formulation, quality control in ingredient dosage and proportion, and meticulous regulations in manufacturing methods and plants.

The collection features only ingredients listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. What’s more, these come in approved concentrations and specifications, promising not just efficacy but also safety.

What’s different about MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White is that it can be personalised. After a consultation with MTM Skincare professionals, they will determine the possible causes of melanin formation and suggest suitable extracts that can be incorporated into the products. For instance, Japanese rice bran addresses UV exposure; melia for ageing; sakura for stress; and MoraBright for menstrual cycle.

Find out how MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White works.   


MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Essence

What it does Arbutin derived from cowberry leaves inhibits tyrosinase activity and melanin production to prevent hyperpigmentation and freckles. Coupled with the moisturisation benefits of glycosyl trehalose, this not only aims to protect skin against damage from UV exposure but also restores smoothness and brightness.

How to use After cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps over face and neck and gently massage until essence is fully absorbed. Follow with Custom-Blended Re-White Cream and Custom-Blended Eye Care.


MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Cream

What it does Fight inflammation that result from excessive UV exposure, such as dryness and dehydration, thanks to stearyl glycyrrhetinate, an ingredient derived from liquorice and African oil palm. These moisturising benefits are boosted by a hydrolyzed codonopsis pilosula root extract, which helps brightens and plump up skin.    

How to use After cleaning, apply on face and neck, and massage.


MTM Skincare Custom-Blended Re-White Mask

What it does By repairing the natural skin barrier with dipotassium glycyrrhizate that’s derived from liquorice root, this strengthens skin against environmental assaults to further defend against melanin production and bring about an even skin tone. Meanwhile, ceramide 3 combats roughness by nourishing and repairing skin. 

How to use After cleansing and toning, apply on face and neck. Leave for 5-10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Use with Custom-Blended Re-White Essence and Custom-Blended Re-White Cream as a daily skincare regime.

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