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Need A Last Minute Luxury Gift? Don’t Know What To Get The Person Who Has Everything? Giftano Has The Answer

The online luxury experience gifting service means you can gift someone a Michelin-starred dinner in just 3 minutes flat.

Need A Last Minute Luxury Gift? Don’t Know What To Get The Person Who Has Everything? Giftano Has The Answer
Giftano's experiences make for pretty interesting gifting options.

Let’s face it, the festive season, while enjoyable, is also one of the most stressful periods in a year — just the gift-giving alone can be mind-boggling, especially when you’re buying for people who seem to have everything they could possibly want.

This gifting conundrum was exactly what led Giftano founder Jesper Gustafsson to create his digital gifting company, which launched in 2014, but recently received additional seed funding to expand its product offerings.

The offerings are no slouch either; a gift can be found to suit just about anyone. Foodies would likely appreciate a dining voucher to Michelin-starred Australian barbecue joint Burnt Ends (hard-to-get reservations sadly not included) or the new fine-dining kid on the block, Cloudstreet, while adrenaline junkies might spring for that weekend windsailing course. Plus, a gift of 10 private golfing lessons could be just what your partner needs to join you on the green.

Above: Gifting options include everything from windsurfing courses and yachting experiences, to time smashing bottles in the Fragment room. Everyone finds stress relief a little differently, right?
(Image: Giftano)

If you’re gifting something to a group of people (say, the hosts of a Christmas gathering), why not think about a family photography session or weekend yacht experience?

Or, for more off-beat options, consider a sound-healing session, or axe-throwing workshop.

The gift options are myriad, but that’s only one part of Giftano’s appeal. Because they are primarily an online business, it also means that you can purchase the gift on the way to a party in the car, and have it arrive in your party host’s email inbox by the time you arrive.

Or, for a more elegant option, Giftano also offers a gift delivery service, presuming plans are made ahead of time. Orders made by 4pm on the 23rd of December are still guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, with gift vouchers hand-delivered by courier.

The elegant way to gift an experience.
(Image: Giftano)

Of course, Giftano’s services do not terminate after the festive season ends. The site allows users to sort through its gifting options by occasion (such as birthday, Valentine’s day, anniversary, or wedding) and by person (mum, dad, significant others, and kids), so you don’t have to scratch your head when trying to buy gifts, ever again.

Explore the Giftano website for more.

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