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What’s New: The Campana Brothers’ Latest Works And Acqua Di Parma’s Singapore Opening

Hear from iconic designers Fernando and Humberto Campana on their newest projects, and find out what’s new at Acqua di Parma’s first Singapore boutique.

What’s New: The Campana Brothers’ Latest Works And Acqua Di Parma’s Singapore Opening
Aguacate by Fernando and Humberto Campana

The Campana Brothers

Arguably Brazil’s greatest furniture designers, the Campana brothers have been working with Louis Vuitton on its Objets Nomades collection since 2012. We chatted with Fernando and Humberto Campana about their latest works, the ongoing collaboration and their design process.

Could you share your creative process for Merengue and Aguacate?

Fernando Campana (FC): With the Merengue wedges, we wanted something fun and uplifting, so we experimented with floral shapes but that quickly evolved into a confection-inspired piece, opening new paths for upholstery and finishes. We love the perfect folding. It took a lot of hard work to arrive at this level of precision, where the material meets at the centre so seamlessly.

The Merengue wedges by the Campana brothers

Aguacate was the result of experimentation with colour threads. We wanted to explore transparency, light and shadow. That led to multiple shapes and woven leather patterns. It’s one of our most versatile pieces and gives consumers the freedom to arrange it in different ways to suit spaces and purposes.

How do the both of you approach design?

Humberto Campana (HC): We tell our stories through objects and the materials that compose them as if they were characters searching for an author. We give ordinary materials a new skin and turn them into something extraordinary. Often we put them next to luxurious counterparts to provoke questions about what wealth really means, for example.

Aguacate by Fernando and Humberto Campana

How do the both of you work together? And what happens if there is a creative disagreement?

FC: Like most siblings we have our moments. But for the most part, we bring our own ideas to the table and bounce them off each other. It’s nice to be able to have someone you trust to tell you right to your face if your idea is no good, or, even better, take that starting point and elevate it to something great. If there’s a stand-off, we have a fantastic team that we can count on to give us clarity.

How do you keep your creativity going?

HC: Creativity is a way for us to survive boredom. Staying curious is key to getting those signals that may lead you to something worth exploring. It could be a conversation with a street seller, a song on my playlist, a world event, or a new place I visit. As Lina Bo Bardi, the Italian-Brazilian architect that inspired us since the beginning, taught us, “Look at the world with the eyes of a foreigner,” which means showing us the richness of what we have at hand and take for granted. You would be amazed at how much one can discover with this mindset.

Acqua Di Parma

Acqua di Parma’s new flagship boutique at Raffles City Singapore

Acqua Di Parma finally has a permanent home in Singapore. It recently opened its first boutique at Raffles City Singapore (RCS). Occupying 92 sqm, the store features a double entrance, high ceilings and the iconic scent that the Italian house is renowned for.

The opening is just one of the many new retail offerings coming to RCS as part of its rejuvenation process. Expect more coveted names in fashion, beauty and lifestyle in the coming months.

Acqua Di Parma Flagship Boutique, Raffles City Singapore, 252 North Bridge Road, #01-07

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