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Smash Your New Year Fitness Goals With These Sustainable Luxury Activewear Brands

Because keeping fit should not come at the detriment of our planet.

Smash Your New Year Fitness Goals With These Sustainable Luxury Activewear Brands

It’s 2021, which means your requisite “I will lose (insert number here) kilos by June” resolution will come back up again. I know — I’ve been there myself.

I’m not sure about you, but personally I find that a good way of spurring myself to get some exercise into my daily regime is to get myself some new workout threads. There’s something encouraging — and a little guilt-trippy, even — about the practice of getting new activewear to motivate myself off the couch and onto the stationary bike.

Fashion is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to environmental damage, and exercise clothing is just as guilty in sharing the blame. Because a majority of activewear clothing gets made from synthetic materials like spandex and polyester, they don’t break down when discarded. Instead, they get buried in a landfill for eternity.

Then, there’s the case of microfibers. According to Wired, every time you wash your workout gear, your active clothes shed about 100,000 synthetic fibers. It gets washed into our waterways, consumed by fishes, which then make their way back into our bodies. Scary, eh?

So, in the spirit of helping you stick to your fitness resolutions as closely as possible, here are a few sustainable activewear brands that are trying to do something good for Mother Nature.

01 | Ninety Percent

London-based fashion brand Ninety Percent is all about making the basics, and making it well. Founded in 1988 by Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan, the brand offers a majority of their wares that focus on providing customers with well-cut basics that last the test of time. The designers also focus on producing sustainable activewear using materials like organic cotton, and donate 90 percent of their profits between charitable causes.

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02 | Veja

If you’re not acquainted with this shoe brand, consider this your official introduction. Taking pride in its work as a make of vegan shoes, the French label works with organic cotton, and sources innovative materials such as discarded tilapia skin and wild-harvested rubber. And the designs aren’t bad to look at either. In fact, you’ll find a range of timeless designs that span from running shoes to tennis sneakers, so you have the right pair to wear everywhere.

Shop at Pedder On Scotts or at

03 | Girlfriend Collective

Just like how we can rely on our girlfriends for love and support, the team behind Girlfriend Collective are adamant in creating activewear that love the environment. From the start, one of the brand’s main missions is to retain as much transparency in how their pieces are made, so you know how your purchases affect the environment. With a product range that comes from earth-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, ECONYL and reclaimed fishing nets, and a production chain that produces zero emissions or waste, Girlfriend Collective’s activewear will become your new go-to for functional yoga gear. Plus, they have an inclusive size range, so everyone can get in on the goodies.

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04 | Vyayama

Founded with the intention of providing an alternative to the synthetic materials often used in activewear, Vyayama — which means to tame the inner breath — produces high-quality luxury yogawear that’s kind to the earth. Tencel fabric is made from sustainably-farmed eucalyptus plants, and are certified non-toxic and skin-friendly. Plus, the high-performing fabric ensures that moisture is always wicked off the skin, so you stay comfortable throughout your yoga routines.

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05 | Hunza G

Flaunt your hard-earned abs in Hunza G’s line of eco-conscious swimwear. Calling in from London, the brand prides itself in hand piecing each made-to-order item, so that there are never overstock products lying around. Where there are excess fabric offcuts, Hunza G’s team repurposes it into useful hair scrunchies. Meanwhile, each Hunza G item is packaged into a bag that’s biodegradable, recycled and constructed with post-consumer plastic.

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06 | Stella McCartney

This is a brand that needs to introduction, but we can’t talk about sustainable, luxury activewear without Stella McCartney right? After all, the English-based brand is perhaps one of the most vocal voices in the arena of eco-friendly fashion. McCartney’s wares don’t use animal by-products and incorporate recycled plastics and organically-grown natural fibres. Plus, it’s super chic!

Shop at all Stella McCartney boutiques or at

07 | Fisch

Even swimwear gets an eco-friendly update. Founded in 2017 by Swedish designer Agnes Fischer, the statement swimwear is made out of recycled fishing nets that are salvaged from the oceans. The salvaged nets are then turned into econyl — a material that is made regenerated nylon. Plus, every swimsuit is handmade in Italy also, adding that extra touch of luxe.

Plus, it’s got its own band of celeb fans, including supermodel Elsa Hosk and It girl Patricia Manfield, because the designs bank heavily on trendy styles, textures, and cuts.

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08 | Beyond Yoga

Now that you’ve mastered your downward dog or your warrior poses, it’s time to tog yourself out in comfortable yogawear that are kind to the environment too. Beyond Yoga hopes to fill that void, and it’s doing so with its range of buttery soft yoga clothing that won’t cling or ride up as you stretch. Moreover, Beyond Yoga’s production line adheres to strict transparency and eco-responsible practices, so no humans are harmed in the making of your new yoga wardrobe.

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