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You Should Be Excited About No.1 De Chanel, Chanel Beauty’s New Sustainable Skincare and Beauty Line

The brand has reduced packaging materials and uses largely natural formulas.

You Should Be Excited About No.1 De Chanel, Chanel Beauty’s New Sustainable Skincare and Beauty Line

Chanel Beauty kicks off 2022 with the launch of the No.1 de Chanel collection. What makes the collection something to write home about is its responsible skew, with the brand putting in the work to reduce wastage and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle for its consumers. Efforts include reducing the weight of the packaging, excluding paper inserts and cellophane wrapping, and producing the lids from recycled or bio-sourced materials. Inks used are organic, and up to 97 per cent of the formulas are of natural origin.

On top of all that, products that come in glass bottles are recyclable. So far, only the Revitalizing Cream is designed to be refillable and we are hopeful they will soon follow suit with the other products from this line.

Must-haves from the No.1 de Chanel Collection: The Revitalizing Serum and Revitalizing Cream.

The Camellia Effect

From skincare to fragrance and makeup, the nine-product collection is infused with red camellia flower for its ability to revitalise the skin. To this end, Chanel’s research team spent over 10 years with researchers from the Department of Biotechnology and Ageing at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna studying the effects of “The Czar” variety of Camellia japonica plant, with the camellia flower being emblematic to the luxury fashion house.

No.1 de Chanel collection’s star ingredient: The red camellia

The red camellia flower extract, grown and harvested from the Gaujacq open-sky laboratory in south west of France, has been used by the brand to target skin cells just when they’re about to undergo senescence, the stage where cells experience age-related damage.

Protocatechuic acid found in the petals of the flower has been found to contain protective antioxidant benefits, soothing properties and regenerative effects. Not only does the compound reverse the signs of ageing, it also reduces the ageing effects of both internal and external effects of stress, allowing you to look younger for longer.

In short, the No.1 de Chanel collection is designed to revitalise your complexion effortlessly. The best part? Up to 76 per cent of the red camellia plant is used in the production, including the petals, seeds and even the yeasts.

Is It Worth The Hype?

We’ll be honest – there’s nothing not to love about every product from the collection, whether it is the unique Revitalizing Powder-To-Foam Cleanser, the ultra hydrating dual duty Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balm (comes in six rosy shades) or the multi-purpose Revitalizing Serum-In-Mist (it’s perfect for a refreshing late afternoon pick-me-up).

Over 10 years of research was put into producing the No.1 de Chanel collection.

If it’s difficult for you to decide on only one product from the collection to take home, we highly recommend giving the Revitalizing Serum a shot. The silky and lightweight formula glides on your skin smoothly, and leaves behind a light yet luxurious film on your skin that nourishes your skin back to good health. In just a short span of a few weeks, your complexion will experience effects such as improved hydration, a natural healthy radiance and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And you can go to bed easy knowing that you achieved all that while still doing your part for the environment.

No.1 de Chanel’s full range is available at all Chanel Beauty and Fragrance boutiques and counters from 6th January 2022 onwards. You can also purchase it here.

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