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Private Club 67 Pall Mall To Open In Singapore, Oenophiles Rejoice

Created by wine lovers for wine lovers, this will be the London-based club’s first international outpost.

Private Club 67 Pall Mall To Open In Singapore, Oenophiles Rejoice
The soon-to-open Singapore outpost of 67 Pall Mall.67 Pall Mall

As any wine lover will tell you, you don’t ever need a good reason to enjoy a good glass of wine. But just in case you need an excuse to raise a toast, the impending opening of 67 Pall Mall in Singapore might be a good one.

Founded by former city trader Grant Ashton, the private members’ club is renowned for its prodigious collection of wines; Ashton himself reportedly started the club partially because he had been a little over-enthusiastic in his wine collection process, and partially because he had become horrified by the markups imposed by London restaurants.

Today, the club’s wine list encompasses some 5,000 bottles from 42 different countries, so there’s guaranteed to be something that will please even the most picky palates. Plus, with some 1,000 wines available by the glass (each kept fresh as a daisy using the Coravin wine access system), there’s always the option of trying something new. 67 Pall Mall is as close to an oenophile’s paradise as one can get.

The Singapore outpost will be situated in the impressive double-volume penthouse of Shaw Centre, right in the heart of Orchard Road — fortuitous for both club members, who will get to enjoy spectacular views of the city, and for the area, which has always been a little too dry for our tastes.

67 Pall Mall will be open from breakfast (because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere) through dinner and offer a selection of delicious dishes to accompany the tempting tipples. Diners can expect signatures from its London roots, as well as a selection of regional options. Personally, we’re banking on the undoubtedly well-trained sommeliers being able to recommend a few glasses to go with chicken rice, because alcohol pairings with local food would truly be a match made in Singaporean heaven.

Should none of the 5,000 options on the club’s list pique interest, however, members are also welcome to store their own bottles for a small corkage fee. 67 Pall Mall assures us that the club’s bespoke air handling system will maintain the storage atmosphere at a perfect 13 to 14 degrees centigrade, with 65 to 70 percent humidity.

Members of 67 Pall Mall will also enjoy a curated calendar of events, presented by all three of Singapore’s resident Masters of Wine. Events include masterclasses, tasting dinners, and casual parties, as well as children’s entertainment so that the whole family can be immersed in the 67 Pall Mall experience (albeit alcohol-free for some). And in case you want to brush up on your vino lingo, the club will also be running structured wine education classes run by the Masters of Wine using the world-renowned syllabus from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

67 Pall Mall founder and CEO Grant Ashton.
(Image: 67 Pall Mall)

“We are thrilled to be able to bring people together with a shared passion for fine wine, and to take the 67 Pall Mall journey to the next level,” shares founder and CEO Grant Ashton. “Singapore is a sophisticated market with an increasing appetite and appreciation for wine, making it the natural choice in our first step to international expansion. By merging the best of what we have established in London with Singapore’s unique culture and heritage, we are creating a haven for wine lovers that is deserving of this thriving and cosmopolitan city-state.”

67 Pall Mall is slated to open in the third quarter of 2020, but the lists for both Annual Memberships and Founding Life Memberships are already open. The Founding Life Membership offers access for two persons, as well as equity in the Singapore club.

Membership application information is available on the 67 Pall Mall website. Alternatively, contact the club at [email protected].

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