Doze Off

The Rotating Bed That Will Rock You To Sleep

You can move Savoir’s maximalist Three Sixty using your phone.

The Rotating Bed That Will Rock You To Sleep

Turntables aren’t just for making music — for luxury bedmaker Savoir Beds, they are the key to a good night’s sleep.

Savoir’s new Three Sixty operates on a custom-made turntable system that allows users to rotate the bed via a smartphone app. It can be used to get the best view in your bedroom, or as a gigantic rocker to lull you to sleep.

The Three Sixty also comes with a topper made from buttery-soft Mongolian yak hair and an arched interior draped in Italian Dedar cotton velvet, as well as a few other handy features, such as a reading light and several USB ports.

Each bed takes a whopping 300 hours to craft, making it one of Savoir’s most detailed creations yet.

The Three Sixty is available exclusively in Harrods for interested buyers to give it a spin — just be sure to set an alarm. The bed was designed to provide a good night’s sleep, though its ability to rouse one from said slumber is less certain.