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Scent By Six Created A Fragrance Together With Patients Suffering From Depression

The cult fragrance brand’s founder, Jason Lee, wants to help boost mental wellness.

Scent By Six Created A Fragrance Together With Patients Suffering From Depression
Jason Lee, founder of Scent by Six

Cult fragrance brand Scent by Six first caught the attention of perfume lovers for its collection of travel-inspired fragrances. But during the onset of the pandemic, founder Jason Lee took the opportunity to reflect and dig deep into the purpose behind his brand, realising the potential of scent to heal emotions, preserve memories and bring people together.

So in 2020, he collaborated with the Singapore Association for Mental Health to launch the uplifting Hikaru, which was created with input from three youth suffering from depression. Last year’s “Sleep, Returns” range is formulated to improve one’s sleep quality.

What sort of impact can scent have on one’s state of wellness?

Over the years, more people are paying attention to the sense of smell in relation to our wellness. It is probably our strongest sensory organ and the impact on our memory and emotion can be very powerful and lasting.

From data collected during the development of Hikaru and “Sleep, Returns”, it is evident that our sense of smell has a strong correlation to our wellness, especially mental wellness.

How are Scent by Six fragrances able to enhance wellness at work? 

Our scents are created with fragrance intelligence — a palette of aromatic ingredients that are tested and proven to be effective in positively influencing our moods. In the case of Hikaru, it will make us feel happier. Smelling it triggers certain neuro receptors in our brain that are linked to joy, fulfilment and happiness. We added a generous dosage of pure yuzu essence from Ehime, Japan; there is proof that yuzu helps people feel happier too. I believe when we are happy and uplifted, it brings out the best in us, whether at work or in our personal relationships.

How does getting quality sleep positively impact well-being at work?

Sleep is a fundamental human need and a good night’s rest is essential to maintaining our mental health. During the pandemic, we gained more empathy and understanding of the struggles of those who are not having a good night’s sleep.

Our new scent collection “Sleep, Returns” enhances the quality of our sleep. In a global study of 45 panellists from France, Singapore and USA, the data indicated an improvement in sleep quality in the Rapid Eye Movement and Light Sleep stages, where memories are processed, and emotions and metabolism are regulated respectively. The respondents also felt more refreshed and happier upon waking up. 

Tell us about your wellness routine.

A formula that has worked for me for the past few years is following these three 20-minute self-care rituals daily — morning exercise, an afternoon nap and one-on-one conversations. After all, each 20-minute session is only 1.38 per cent of the day!

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