Grit Before Glitter: Simon Wong, Veronica Shim, Tan Cheen Chong & Kamini Ramachandran

We meet four tough cookies who pushed on with their dreams to make others’ lives better.

Grit Before Glitter: Simon Wong, Veronica Shim, Tan Cheen Chong & Kamini Ramachandran
(From left) Simon Wong, Kamini Ramachandran, Tan Cheen Chong and Veronica Shim.

From launching a vintage sidecars race to put Singapore on the global sports calendar, to helping both kids and grown-ups strengthen their resilience; from preserving social and cultural traditions, to protecting wealth and assets. We speak to four go-getters who powered through challenges and difficult circumstances to achieve their goals.

01 | Simon Wong, co-founder,

“Covid-19 has put everyone in a defensive mode, which is exactly why we shouldn’t just sit here and hope nothing else goes wrong. And since we have nothing to lose, why don’t we take a risk and go for it?”

The man trying to get the world’s first vintage sidecars Grand Prix started shares why it is important to push this project through.

02 | Veronica Shim, CEO, Envysion

“Asian clients don’t start succession planning early enough. Many times, their focus is on making money; after all, no one expects to be gone the next day.”

Plus, where does philanthropy figure in succession planning? She also tells us why life is more than just money.

03 | Tan Cheen Chong, mindfulness teacher, Como Shambhala Urban Escape

“Mindfulness requires paying attention to our experiences right now. Can we choose to focus on the present instead of doing several things at once?”

Find out how the loss of a loved one led him on a journey to mental wellness.

04 | Kamini Ramachandran, director, Moonshadow Stories and The Storytelling Centre Ltd

“A storyteller must be responsible; don’t take liberties for the sake of creativity because you could be perpetuating an untruth.”

Discover how becoming a mother led her to becoming a storyteller, and why she is committed to nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

This feature first appeared in the September 2020 issue of A Magazine.

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