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Singapore Spotlight: The Best Homegrown Bespoke Fashion Brands

If you’re looking to support our homegrown talents and small businesses, here are some of the best and brightest to add to your list.

Singapore Spotlight: The Best Homegrown Bespoke Fashion Brands

In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic that is still sweeping across the globe, many consumer brands are facing a challenging road ahead in achieving business stability and recovery from the financial upheaval that has followed strict border controls and a drastic dip in consumers’ willingness to shop.

At A Magazine, we know that some businesses — particularly small local retailers — will need all the help they can get. To help you find the best that our local fashion scene has to offer, we will be curating a list of homegrown brands that you should have on your radar.

This week, we’re focusing on bespoke fashion brands. Whether it’s a suit that you need fitted to flatter your shape, or a dress that you’ve been dying to get made, these brands are masters at what they do.

To check out other homegrown fashion brands and businesses – including menswear, womenswear and style services – you can find a collection of curated lists here.

01 | Time Taken To Make A Dress

Started by co-designers Jade Swee and Letitia Phay, Time Taken To Make A Dress is the go-to brand for women who are looking to create the dress of their dreams. Through the intimate discussions that the designers have with their clients, dresses are meticulously cut and fitted to your body to ensure that it flatters your figure and fits you perfectly. Swee and Phay are also known for creating exquisitely-detailed embroidery, using applique techniques and working with top-notch fabrics to deliver you a one-of-a-kind creation.

For more information, visit timetakentomakeadress.com.

02 | Inventory

(Image: Inventory)

Working with a team of local craftsmen, Inventory is one of the talents to shake up the tailoring industry. Their aesthetics tend to slant towards minimalist shapes and clean lines that make for a more youthful approach to bespoke suiting. Each bespoke client will have a face-to-face consultation, followed by two fitting sessions to ensure that everything fits beautifully.

For more information, visit inventory-co.com.

03 | Q Menswear

Started by Han San in 2011, Q Menswear has built a fanbase that includes everyone from local celebs to business elites. One of Singapore’s best tailors, they pride themselves in cutting a well-made suit, regardless of your needs or budget. Pick from their library of fabrics that span thousands of different colours, patterns, and material compositions, before completing your final look with their selection of pocket squares, ties, and other suiting accessories.

For more information, visit q-menswear.com.

04 | KayJen Dylan

Those looking for a little more panache to their tailored suits can count on KayJen Dylan to deliver. Whether it’s a shirt in pastel green or a jacket that’s modelled after safari coats, KayJen Dylan’s co-founder Matt will work closely with you to realise your vision. On top of bespoke orders, the brand also takes made-to-measure orders for certain designs that they’ve created in-house.

For more information, visit facebook.com/pg/kayjentailored.

05 | Ethan K

Bag lovers should add Ethan K to their address book, stat. With a clientele that includes members of the British royal family and Hollywood stars, Ethan K’s founder Ethan Koh will help you realise the bag of your dreams. Pick from an all-encompassing array of skins and watch as Koh takes your bag from sketch to reality.

For more information, visit ethan-k.com.

06 | State Property

A favourite amongst fashion insiders, State Property is a homegrown jewellery brand that specialises in crafting beautiful and artistic jewellery pieces. Founded by Lin Ruiyin and Afzal Imran, State Property is best known for their love of infusing art with tradition to create architectural and sculptural pieces. Fans of the brand include Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. On top of made-to-order clients, Lin and Imran also welcome clients to make an appointment for bespoke orders.

For more information, visit thisisstateproperty.com/.

07 | Laichan

Where cheongsams often get pegged with the idea that it’s old fashioned and stuffy, Laichan’s custom creations are changing that mindset. His pieces are dramatic, but they still embody a refined sense of elegance and grace. No wonder that he would have a loyal fanbase of discerning women who flock to him for unique cheongsams and dresses. Also, look out for the long row of gemstones that double up as buttons — a signature of all his creations.

For more information, visit laichan.com.

08 | Nida Shay

Known for her statement designs, Nida Shay works with a team of skilled craftsmen in Pakistan to help realise the intricate embroidery and beadwork that go into her pieces. The result? A marriage of clean, modern lines and silhouettes, offset by time-tested embellishment techniques and rich colours.

For more information, visit nidashay.com.

09 | 3Eighth

3Eighth was built upon the idea that one day, they’d put every girl in a suit. While that might seem like a lofty ideal, the young tailoring company is slowly carving out a niche in the male-dominated tailoring market by creating suits for the female figure. Each of their designs come with a twist, and 3Eighth’s founder Sheryl Yeo is unafraid to explore new and interesting techniques when it comes to suitmaking.

For more information, visit 3eighth.co.

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