Eco Event by A

The A Team Cleans Up

Together with society friends who care for the earth.

The A Team Cleans Up

8 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year. Besides polluting the ocean, they can also cause harm to our friends in the sea, which may be trapped by or ingest these plastics. The A family decided to do something about it on 22 June by inviting our best buddies in society to join us in our first corporate social responsibility programme to clean up a portion of the beach on East Coast Park. We also enjoyed a hearty brunch at Baker and Bar St Marc as we learned about the (slow!) decomposition rate of different materials we picked, from plastic to styrofoam and cigarette butts. Now there’s no excuse not to do more to save the Earth.

Stella Mok, Henry Mok and Maverick Mok
Desmond Sim
Tanny Kea
Keith Moss
Ann Lee, Lorna Soh, Christian Wong and Alexandria Wong
Lotus Soh
Louisa Ong, Raymond Ong and Alex Low
Natasha Liok-Quek
Andrew Chan, Christian Wong, Joe Tan and Joeri Schilders
Ane Bakri, Melvin Ang and Alexandria Wong
Henry Mok, Ariel Mok and Stella Mok
Alicia Moss, Isabelle Moss, Nicole Moss and Dylan Heng
Misaki Hoshi and Shane Coelho
Ane Bakri and Lauren Tan
Weighing trash
Ethan Pomeroy and Chloe Li

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