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The Agenda: New Jewellery From Dior, Chantecaille’s Holiday Collection, And Other Things You Need To Know

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The Agenda: New Jewellery From Dior, Chantecaille’s Holiday Collection, And Other Things You Need To Know

01 | Cartier’s Guirlande de Cartier bag gets a nano update

As the mini bag trend continues to ride on through the season, Cartier is jumping onto the bandwagon with a smaller version of their iconic Guirlande de Cartier bag. Measuring 120mm long by 195mm tall, it’s got just enough space for your essentials (read: phone, keys, credit card). Apart from the iconic Cartier red, the bag also comes in black and green versions and can be worn as a shoulder sling or carried as a handbag.

Available at all Cartier boutiques and at cartier.sg.

02 | Brunch is calling at Caffe Cicheti

If “where should we go for brunch today?” is a question you constantly ask yourself, then add Caffe Cicheti to your list of nosh spots. Situated in the city centre at South Beach Tower, the latest addition to the Cicheti family of restaurants offers up bright flavours inspired by the coastal cities of Italy. Nom on savoury corn and zucchini fritters that sit atop an unctuously glazed slab of bacon, or tuck into skewers of seared Hokkaido scallops that come paired with a light and zesty salsa verde.

Located at South Beach Tower #B1-21. For more information, visit caffecicheti.com.

03 | Block out your haters with Chloe’s oversized sunglasses

You never really need an excuse to get another pair of sunglasses — let alone one as oversized as these new Chloe additions — but we’ll give it to you anyways. Excuse #1: They shield your tired eyes, so no one knows you were tearing up the dancefloor at a party last night. Excuse #2: It protects your peepers from the harmful UV rays of the sun, so you don’t develop premature lines. Excuse #3: You’re paying homage to the glamour of old Hollywood stars like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. We’ve done our part, it’s up to you now.

Available at all Chloe boutiques.

04 | Dior’s Rose Celeste collection brings the heavens to you

In a nod to Christian Dior’s passion for the divinatory arts, the house of Dior has unveiled the Rose Celeste series. Pieces within this collection feature heavenly bodies rendered across modernist shapes made for everyday wear. The moon, rendered in stunning mother-of-pearl, shines brightly next to her starry companions on a black onyx night sky, while the sun bursts forth in brilliant yellow gold across pieces including earrings and a timepiece.

Available at all Dior boutiques.

05 | Look your best with Chantecaille’s holiday releases

Given the number of photos you’ll be in at all your year-end parties, it is imperative that you make sure your mien is looking its best. To help, Chantecaille has released pieces that help you create an effortless glow. Enhanced by a blend of spherical powders and polymers, the Eclat Brilliant adds a diffused highlight to your makeup, while concealing any imperfections. The Eclat Doux is a weightless illuminator that gives you the illusion of perfectly smooth skin, and it’s slim enough as a compact to slip into your purse for those on-the-go touch-ups. Lastly, pop one of the Lip Cristal shades on your puckers and you’re all set to make merry.

Available at all Chantecaille counters.

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