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The Agenda: Prada’s ‘Hyper Leaves’ Installation Arrives In Singapore, Chaumet’s Two Limited Edition Collections, And Other Things You Need To Know

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The Agenda: Prada’s ‘Hyper Leaves’ Installation Arrives In Singapore, Chaumet’s Two Limited Edition Collections, And Other Things You Need To Know

01 | Wake up with kissable lips with Estée Lauder’s new lip oil-serum

Estée Lauder’s latest addition to its Pure Color Envy Lip Care Collection is something we’ve been waiting for: a luscious nighttime oil-serum that allows you to wake up with instantly kissable lips.

Infused with collagen filling spheres, Hyaluronic Acid as well as a nourishing blend of precious flower oils (including damask rose, lavender and jojoba), the Pure Color Envy Nighttime Rescue Lip Oil-Serum is a godsend for dry and chapped lips. Just slick it on before you head to bed, and it’ll help restore the surface of your lips while smoothening and reducing the appearance of fine dry lines while you sleep.

Best of all, you’ll hardly feel it on — it’s got a luxurious, weightless texture that glides on easily with the plush applicator.

For more information, visit Estée Lauder’s site here.

(Image: Estée Lauder)

02 | Chaumet celebrates its 240th anniversary with two limited edition collections 

Parisian jeweller Chaumet has lots to celebrate this year. Aside from the reopening of its flagship store at 12 Place Vendôme in Paris, the storied maison also turns 240 this year — and to mark the occasion, they’ve unveiled two limited edition collections.

First up is an architecturally-inspired collection of high jewellery rings. Trésors d’Ailleurs pays homage to ‘house rings’ from the 16th century, which were often given to women by their fiancés as a symbol of fidelity and protection. The bold rings take inspiration from various countries around the world: take the Oriane, which pays tribute to Belle Époque with its glistening ‘glass roof’, or the black jade roof of the Sakura, which pays tribute to the Japonism present in Chaumet’s heritage.

The second collection is a range of medallions that pay tribute to Chaumet’s history: each of the Légende medallions portrays a symbol that encapsulates a moment in the maison’s story, such as the laurel of Apollo, embellished with precious fruits, to symbolise glorious femininity, and the delicate fleur-de-lys, which symbolises Chaumet’s vibrant relationship with the natural world.

For more information, visit Chaumet’s site here.

03 | Get a glimpse of the future with Dior’s Future Relics collection 

Dior has seen the future, and it is bleak — but very aesthetic. That’s if their new collection, made in collaboration with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, is anything to go by. The Neo-futurist collection features Arsham’s signature ‘decayed’ effect, where items are eroded to the point of exposing their delicate insides: here, baseballs give way to granite-and-millennial pink innards, while Christian Dior’s 1951 book, Je Suis Couturier — now reimagined as a jewel box — appears similarly ravaged by time.

There might be some level of symbolism here (the degradation of Western culture and morals? The romanticisation of wasting away?) but the collection is, if nothing else, beautiful to look at.

For more information, visit Dior’s website here.

(Image: Dior)

04 | Enter the neon jungle with Prada’s Hyper Leaves installation at ION Orchard

Come for the scenery, stay for Prada’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Welcome to Prada’s lush Hyper Leaves project, which transforms the second floor of their ION Orchard boutique into an oasis of greenery — think tropical wallpapers, neon lights, and some hot new drops. 

On show is Prada’s Spring-Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collections. The new collection is replete with gear fit for any dweller in the urban jungle — think nylon outerwear, tie-dyes, and woven accessories. Sumptuous leather goods with decidedly tropical touches are also on show, as with the rope detail on this tote. 

Hyper Leaves runs from now till April 30 at Prada’s ION Orchard boutique.

05 | Nourish your heart (and stomach) with 1-V:U’s exclusive two-night-only dinner

The only thing better than a hearty dinner is one that’s good for your health. That’s the elevator pitch for 1-V:U’s upcoming four-hands dinner, available exclusively on March 27 and 28, which chefs Ace Tan and Louis Han have dubbed ‘Heart & Seoul’.

If the name hasn’t clued you in on what’s in store in the 10-course dinner menu, you can expect herbal black chicken with ginseng essence and goji berries, homemade osmanthus lychee kombucha, and yeongpotang, a speciality soup from the South Jeolla province with octopus as the star. To complement the menu, a trio of organic wines are also on offer: each of the Italian wines were grown with time-honoured viticulture techniques that marry the expertise of its vintners and each region’s terroir. 

To book, visit 1-V:U’s website here.

(Image: 1-V:U)

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