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The Agenda: Preludio’s New Menu, Makeup Releases From Charlotte Tilbury, And Other Things You Need To Know

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The Agenda: Preludio’s New Menu, Makeup Releases From Charlotte Tilbury, And Other Things You Need To Know
Charlotte Tilbury

01 | Profess your love with Van Cleef & Arpels

Given its cultural and historical significance, a diamond will always convey a message of affection and love. It is a symbol of invincibility, of being everlasting, and of beauty. So with all that said, find the perfect diamond for your loved one glistening behind one of the glass cases at Van Cleef & Arpels. The 2020 collection features a stunning array of solitaire rings, as well as wedding bands (good time to renew those vows, no?). You can also go a step further with a shiny new brooch that features two lovebirds saddled on a tree branch.

Available at all Van Cleef & Arpels boutiques.

02 | Look your V-Day best with Charlotte Tilbury

Fans of Charlotte TIlbury’s best-selling Pillow Talk range will have even more to look forward to with the debut of two brand new shades: Medium and Intense. Available in everything from lip liners to blushers and eyeshadows, it’s designed to create a universal colour that will flatter all skin and eye colours. As said by the makeup doyenne Tilbury herself, “When you apply a flattering, nuanced nude shade, it’s empowering and never overwhelming… the ultimate sultry, supermodel seduction!” Perfect mien for a perfect date night? Check.

Available at Sephora.

03 | Roger Vivier’s In The Mood For Love

Right on time to set the mood for the season of love, Roger Vivier is rolling out a selection of accessories to accompany you this Valentine’s Day. Featuring heart-shaped crystals interspersed into the house’ iconic crystal-embellished rectangular buckle, the Brochamour range includes shoes, bags and even jewellery. Pick a pair of lusciously red kitten heels to match your dress, or opt for a more feminine shade of pink, your choice. Then finish with a bracelet or a mini RV Bag in see-through vinyl with the word “LOVE” sprawled across the front.

Available at all Roger Vivier boutiques.

04 | Discover Preludio’s next culinary chapter

Since its inception into Singapore’s F&B scene a year ago with the Monochrome chapter, Preludio is overhauling its epicurean offerings with the second instalment to their growing chapter. Exploring the concept of time, Chapter 2 allows Preludio’s team of chefs to interpret time through personal, cultural and historical lenses.

Witness “The Time Machine” by Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo in a serving of five petit servings, each one spotlighting an ingredient that’s been prepped over a period of time, and cumulatively reflects Chef Fernando’s Latin American heritage. For a sweeter story, pastry chef Elena Pérez de Carrasco explores the concept of past, present and future, where she draws upon memories such as arriving in Singapore and her after-school snacks to inform her creations.

For more information, visit preludio.sg.

The Agenda: Preludio's New Menu, Makeup Finds From Charlotte Tilbury, And Other Things You Need To Know

05 | Treat yourself to new inner and sleepwear from MCM

We are living in a time where lingerie is less about dressing for your partner, and more about wearing what pleases you. So in that spirit, pop into MCM to check out the brand’s first foray into the world of designer undergarments. From the time it’s designed to the way it is manufactured, the line of men’s and women’s undergarments are all ethically made using sustainable and environmentally-conscious materials. See: the biodynamic Egyptian Giza cotton (certified by the Demeter® standard) used to make cotton drawers that are durable and soft to the touch. Furthermore, the Berlin brand is also rolling out a genderless line of loungewear, which includes monogrammed pyjama sets and silk robes.

Available at all MCM boutiques.

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