A Dog's Life

This Private Jet Company Pampers You, And Your Four-Legged Friends

Pets flying with VistaJet can expect Michelin-starred treats, luxe amenity kits, and tenderloin on demand.

This Private Jet Company Pampers You, And Your Four-Legged Friends

When it comes to luxury travel, it doesn’t seem fair that humans get all the fun: In-flight suites, brand-name amenities and an ever-expanding list of pricey spirits. Fido, on the flip side, often isn’t as fortunate. With strict and opaque regulations that differ across various airlines, simply getting your pet in the air with you seems like a feat.

An estimated 30 million people travel with their pets every year, but even if their owners are flying first class, they’re often relegated to the dog house.

If you ever wanted to travel with your pet pal in the lap of luxury, private jet company VistaJet has just the service for you. Their newly launched, aptly named VistaPet programme is an all-rounded experience that ensures your pet receives only the best treatment in the sky.

Once they amble onboard, your pets will be presented their very own VistaPet Pochette. There are soothing wipes and water-free shampoo to keep them feeling groomed and salon-fresh, as well as a flavourful selection of treats created by two Michelin-star chef Michel Roux. 

They’ve even got a dedicated menu for pets: A typical meal service consists of roast tenderloin, baked salmon, veggies, and whole grain brown rice.

And while they don’t have that many options as humans do when it comes to drinks, you can request for some natural flower essences to mix into your pet’s drinking water to help them settle in for the night. 

In-flight entertainment varies depending on customer preference: Dogs, for instance, get rope toys from luxe pet supplier Furzu.

Exceptionally skittish dogs can even take up a four-week acclimatisation course that introduces them to what happens on a flight, such as the sound of jet engines, cabin air pressure, and simulated turbulence. 

Pets aren’t exempt from the same rules that humans have onboard planes: VistaJet stipulates that all animal passengers must be leashed or kept in travel cages during take-off, landing, and any turbulence. But don’t fret—they’ll be kept cushy with ultra-soft sleep mats from posh pet goods supplier Labbvenn. 

The VistaJet team will also assist you with your pet’s travel documentation and formalities once you’ve disembarked. They can even suggest the best pet-friendly facilities and experiences around the world, ranging from luxe pet hotels to London to pet yoga in New York.

Perhaps a dog’s life doesn’t sound so bad after all.

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