Ties That Bind In The Family Business

Building a castle is difficult; defending and maintaining it is harder still, so goes an Asian proverb. How do Singapore’s leading entrepreneurial families keep it going while getting ahead of the curve — by diversifying, digitalising or devising a solid succession strategy?

Ties That Bind In The Family Business
Andy Eng, 43, senior project manager, Kenny Eng, 45, director, and Shannon Eng, 40, senior designer

Building a business isn’t easy. And when you work with family, things can get even more complicated. So how can a family grow their business, keep it running smoothly, plan for succession, and keep the peace, all at the same time? We ask five families just these questions.

Watch the video for a quick snapshot into their lives, and click through the captions below for an in-depth look at each family’s own story.

This story first appeared in the December 2019 issue of A.

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